Kent Anarchist Group: 1 May Meeting Canterbury

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Mar 11 2006 12:33
Kent Anarchist Group: 1 May Meeting Canterbury

I am going to be optimistic and start a separate thread on the proposed meeting on May Day.

Here's my starter for ten for an agenda-

1. Introductions

2. Purpose of Group, frequency, location of meetings and name?

3. Local campaigns we might want to get involved in

4. Campaigns/actions we might want to start

5. Newsletter??

6. Groups we might want to link up with (students, local anti fash, hunt sabs etc.,)

7. AOB

There is still the small matter of a meeting place

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Apr 2 2006 11:37

erm....I'm not exactly being overwhelmed by responses about a meeting either on the board, thru PM or via the advert I've put in Freedom in the last couple of issues (barcodegeneration being the honorable exception, although he cannot make May 1 - for good reasons).

After 135 years my football team have been promoted to the Premier League and May 1 is when they are going to do that really naff thing with the open top bus in I am happy to miss this (well not really but...) and meet up with Kent comrades but I think if we are going to be serious about meeting up we need to be clear that people are gonna be bothered. If May 1 isn't great then cool lets pick another date that people can make and if people aren't interested then fine, I guess individuals can still get invloved in general political stuff that is going on in the county.

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Apr 22 2006 16:50

Ok ... so I'm off to Reading next Saturday.

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Jacques Roux
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Apr 22 2006 16:54

Nice for trying though RPG... it seems like forever you have been trying to muster support for this idea wink

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Apr 22 2006 17:08

ha sorry RPG, maybe one day eh?

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Apr 23 2006 11:14

Odd thing is when I first moved to Kent there were two anarchist groups -Gavesend Resistance and East Kent Anarchists plus I think I DAM group around Dover...

Barcodegeneration is doing a Food Not Bombs demo in Maidstone on May Day so credit at least to him!

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Apr 26 2006 15:47

1 may I can't make as I have exams the very next day, would have got back to you sooner about it but what with revision and work I've not had much time for to check the boards.

Chances are I wont be able to make any meetings after that either because of exams/moving back to essex, Damn students hey?

Black Flag
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Sep 28 2006 15:41

Cool!I am sure I can make it.I will put that on my calender.Dunno if everyone is happy with the date though.Anyway, I will tell my anarchist mates and check if the date changes.

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Jan 10 2007 15:08

Well, this is really cute with these little tea party meetings and online forums. Let me ask have you ever seen the arse hole of society. I LIVE IN IT. Meeting and discussion do not mean jack shit. the time for talking is over. we need to sort out this backwards social structre and eradicate the problems within our society

Jason Cortez
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Jan 11 2007 00:07

by doing what exactly?

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Jan 11 2007 10:34
by doing what exactly?

shouting at strangers on an internet forum, apparently roll eyes

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the button
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Jan 11 2007 10:35

Works for me. cool

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Jun 23 2019 20:00

News about Kent in a week or so