climate camp jokes as a critical-solidarity tool - class war for eco-justice ;)

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Jul 17 2008 00:20
climate camp jokes as a critical-solidarity tool - class war for eco-justice ;)

taking the piss out of ourselves is important, and self-irony a political rethingking tool... for class war for eco-justice! ;0

please fwd to climate camp makers

thought these workshops at climate camp looked good.
" burn the rich, not the planet; or why diy biofuel molotovs are not the answer: - a critique by anarcho-permaculturalists against the meat-speculation-swf-industrial-complex, with a video conference with a paraguayan farmer powered by 1000 bicycle critical mass alt fuel generation. In this workshop Jose will also critique fair trade"

Followed by ' beyond the hippy-middle-class-environment movement, - a trans-class perspective for those wishing to
'pass' off more working class cred'. we try and take steps past the hippy/class-war/nvda/va divide and come up with micro-political post-identity hybrids. this workshop includes diy solar powered rainbow balaclava making session "

training the trainers
3. 'talk poor for class war' pre-climate camp workshop, for those wanting to learn to speak prole' coz the proles need climate science simple like, geezer. run by expert class fakers class war federation.

3.5 enviro-justice. how to make black folks like ecology ?

4 eco-feminists against green-facism. channelling the ghost of murray bookchin, our anarcho-pagans will conduct a debate between janet biehl, bob black and the spirit of bookchin

5. diy squatjuice from biofuels.
crazy times call for crazy drugs. when food can be fuel, why cant biofuel be converted to squitjuice as a solution of solidarity to those suffering from peak-water. ( the indigenous glacial people of nepal for example ) ... our hack-la@b micro-brewery will show you how you can can become part of a new copy-left crazee that is sweeping activists by storm, collective co-production on ethical intoxicants. with special guest stewart holmes.

6. just-another-crisis, it the end of the world but not capitalism, gala daggy disco, 'this is not mad max' finally party.

7. trot watching! are post-trots trots too ? as trots encircle the camps ideas, how do we keep ideological purity ?

8. cycles of struggle, 1 or 2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad. from the barcelona working mens (sic ) courier federation., to world naked bike riders, provo free bikes, rts ludic festivals, self-management for 2 wheels bike squatted factory unionists in germany. rebel clown unicyclists.
, bike couriers unions.

9. bash the eco-fash with stewart holmes, coz all anarchists are 'swamp monsters' and recouperators of situationism!!!

10. fly or die, autonomous astronauts - diy eco-aircraft for the poor.

Yet more

-" the full vegan " theatre production remake of the full monty ( a film about post-industrial desperation by mine workers ) - the most rightgeos play ever. Veganism is the answer, sorry what was the question ?

- miners and greens vs coal - social football match. coz capital is a social relationship!

- anti-repression organising and defence, learning from the miners strikes...

- beyond narrow identitites for the objects of our solidarity. meet indigenous-migrant-worker-hybrids from the south. because no subjectivation is single.

- Crisis talks, while is the scariest ? How will capital restructure after the bust of the coming economic-greenwash-individual lifestyle green consumption and techno-fix profit bubble ? How will the poor pay for it ?

- peak oil is answer. sorry wrong question.?

- boo meat. !! anti-meat chants practice.

- anarcho-primative swamp enclave - rock breaking as ludic fun. it was good for the wild people - help us throw stuff at leviathan-hegemoney-babylon. zerzan with his polemic against the zapatistas and marcos and against the indigenous lead 'canadian' wasase movement - here why they are not Anarchist! or even indigenous but too modern! We argue that wildness and wilderness are not just the racist constructs of white middle class conservative and destroy the cannon of anti-colonialism.

- food riots vs dumster diving - whats more ethical ?

- working class sex ? whats it like ? how is the working class reproduced ?

- vegan sex. is it an insult to the species being of plants to use veges as edible sex toys ? also s+m talk ...

- miners film and eco-war gig fundraiser - coz the state wont compensate them...featuring folk-crunk-post-crust-raggacore polka band ' thatchers revenge'