Camberwell Squat Centre Lastest news and events July/August

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Jason Cortez
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Jul 24 2007 19:07
Camberwell Squat Centre Lastest news and events July/August

It’s still here! Still no word on the eviction. No word from the alleged owners. They been hangin around…

So… We decided to press ahead with events… if we get evicted then yah boo.
These are what we came up with… There is room for more events… if you have any ideas get in touch. Seriously. There’s no point just consuming this space, make it happen. Every mini-gig or party, meeting or workshop that happens is a dance of defiance to the profiteering scum that boss this world.


Weds 25th: Film night… Film being arranged. 7.30pm

Friday 27th: Café/bar… 7.30 – 1.

Tuesday 31 July: Spanish and Polish Lessons, 7.30 and 8pm respectively.
Beginners and slightly more experienced welcome. Bring pens and paper. Homework.

Weds 1 August: Film night. Need a brill film, everyone get thinking.

Thurs 2 August: Discussion night: “Squat or Social Centre”, idea is to
discuss squatted and social centres in this country and the world, issues around the differences between them, examples of what people round the world are doing, we will also will try to get an exhibition together of squat centres etc. Maybe some slides. Hopefully a comrade from Madrid will be here, to talk about La Alarma Squat and the Facultad Okupa Autogestionada squatted university they recently got together there.

Friday 3rd: Bar/café, hopefully a party, with DJs… 7.30 – 1am.

Sunday 5th: Ubuntu install fest: Help and hints as to installing free user based software like linux etc. 2pm. Laptops or hard drives obviously would help if you want this stuff!

Tuesday 7: Spanish and Polish Lesson, 7.30 and 8pm respectively.

Weds 8 August: Film night.

Thurs 9th: Historical talk on “Underground Lambeth”, all the stuff hidden beneath the streets and houses of South London’s finest borough (ooh)…7.30pm.

Fri 10th: Café/bar. 7.30 – 1am.

Sat 11th: Mini bookfair! We agreed to get 4 or 5 stall in, 56a, elephant editions, past tense, last hours, maybe a couple more, and do a big publicity blitz. Mad or what? Could be great! Any ideas for stalls?
Past Tense and Elephant confirmed, 56a can be done too I guess. Need to do a leaflet very soon.

Further ahead: There are plans for a Spanish party, and also a jam session, in 3 weeks maybe. If we still here.

Also there will hopefully be a workshop on how to build bike wheels,we’re waiting for some a delivery of stuff before confirming.

We’re not fucking dead yet!


Camberwell Squatted Centre, 192 Warham Street, London, SE5,

Tube: Oval

Buses: P5, 36, 185, 436.

Boat: Dinghy to Kennington Park, which will be flooded by the time you read this.

For more info check the website: