Joining SolFed without a Local?

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Jun 6 2010 20:46
Joining SolFed without a Local?

What happens if I want to join SolFed, but there isn't a Local where I am?

As you may have seen in another thread, there are some Anarchists looking to organise in Oxford, but as yet it's not clear what the overall political make-up will be. Me personally, my politics are leaning towards me joining SolFed, but there is no Local near me (I think the closest one is Birmingham, but I'm not sure).

So can I join simply as a member, or would I have to be linked to the nearest Local?

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Jun 6 2010 21:09

You can join if there is not a branch, your application would simply be accepted by your nearest local. Its then the work of you and the local to try and help form something in your area.

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Jun 6 2010 21:14

Hi Auto,

There's nothing to stop you joining as an individual member, but our internal workings are based on Locals. This means when we have conferences, for example, it is decided on delegate votes. It's for this reason that all members are attached to a Local, even if in reality it is more a statement of intent rather than a real reflection of whether people can actually participate.

Should you decide to, your nearest Local would be either Northampton or North London, as the Brum local no longer exists. We're fairly relaxed about individuals attaching themselves to whichever Local fits best with them. There is also an obligation on the Local to support any isolated members in establishing their own Local, though this does depend to an extent on what the isolated member thinks is possible.

Hope that helps, ask more if needs be,