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Apr 8 2009 17:28
Do you think...

Its illogical to be a member of both the IWW and SolFed at once?

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Apr 8 2009 18:17

No - but I'm not a member of Solfed.

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Apr 8 2009 18:25

I think it depends on what your interest in the IWW is. I think it has potential in terms of building industrial networks through dual carding, and in that respect it would make sense to be a member of Solfed and join the IWW in order to join a network where Solfed are lacking one.

However I think the other tendency which exists in the IWW, to try and set up a mass, functioning permanent union in the here and now doesn't gel with Solfed's approach, which is more sensible.

Saying that theres a fair bit of difference of opinion within Solfed.

Caiman del Barrio
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Apr 8 2009 19:05

At least one poster on this board - to my knowledge - is in both. I wouldn't bother just cos 2 sets of dues doesn't seem worth it to me. I think Solfed and IWW should cooperate more but then I'm like that...

BTW I'm yet to meet any non-anarcho Wobs, who's the biggest faction in the UK?

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Apr 8 2009 22:39

As a member of the Solidarity Federation I actually see the IWW as a sign of weakness, as Alan says most of the active people in there are anarchos who just happen to be watering down their politics, to push a strictly economic organisation (the only excpetion are the platformists who favour the seperation of politics and economics because they already have their political organisation).

I personally think SF and allies* missed the boat slightly in developing a viable political/economic industrial network and as a result the IWW is looking to fill it. Im under no illusion that the IWW will and would grow faster than anything I would propose as an alternative, Im just not convinced its all about a position of strength, I could go into this at length, but I don't want it to be misconstrued as a smear - if the IWW do well, Im chuffed.

As to being a member of both, I would check your politics and see where things are applicable to you, before making any further decisions.