Any success?

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Mar 28 2010 08:49
Any success?
Solidarity Federation, 1991 wrote:
The idea of an industrial network is a break from the past where rank and file efforts to organise have been within the constraints of the existing social democratic organisations and practices. An industrial network would initially be a political grouping in the economic sphere, aiming to build a less reactive but positive organisation within the industry. The long term aim of industrial networks is, obviously, the creation of an anarcho-syndicalist
Solidarity Federation, 2008 wrote:
Consequently we believe membership of a political organisation should not be a precondition of joining an industrial network as it represents an unnecessary barrier to the establishment and growth of such networks. Therefore we see the development of such networks as a concrete project for practical co-operation with other pro-revolutionary groups and non-aligned individuals who also see the need for

so, has this innovative model of industial networks born any fuit since 1991? any successful actions, strikes? did SF increased in its number?

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Jul 8 2010 21:08

This is an incredibly fair question I think. Did everyone ignore it just because it was kotob? As someone who knows nothing about SolFed I am also very curious as to what exactly you folks have accomplished?

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Jul 9 2010 22:22

Well first i think that in a global capitalism we should think globally, and not only in the british frame only.

So, just to talk about something I know, yes this form of organisation has some success in France in the last years. For instance in 2005, when the governement wanted to supress one day of holidays for public sector. Our network in CNT AIT, organised in the same line than Solfed, agitate to resist to this suppression (we have been the only ones to do so). In the city where the measure was implemented as an experiment (nimes, 200 000 peoples), more than 70% of public sector were on strike. When after the measure had to be enforced in all the country, in the cities where our network exist, there where also some "spontaneous " strikes (official unions didn t call to strike) and some fight with unions official and police.

Our network has been very efficient to spread the idea to resist, that it was possible to resist even against the official unions. People felt to be backed and they dare to be in "wildcat" strike for this day.

So, of course people didnt join CNT AIT but the governement had to withdraw its measure and it is still the case today.

And more important than recruiting, we consider that this experience may have played a role in evolution in some workers mind, and accumulating political / organizationnal experience, that lead to the CPE struggle of 2006.

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Oct 25 2010 16:42

It is not reasonable for solidarity to be the purpose of a federation because it is a natural occurance and many anti-fascists would agree with this because although this type of organisation can subsist beyond the confines of the state it is not absolutely apparent that it does insofar as this is a method of spontaneous organisation, which has the inherent capacity to carry us towards our goal, for Anarchist-Communism.