Yuppification - Glasgow

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Nick Durie
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Nov 25 2005 20:06
Yuppification - Glasgow


See www.futureglasgow.co.uk (a sycophantic website that is monitoring the council's plans) for the scale of the proposed developments.

We need dialogue on how we're going to fight this.

At the George's Cross Chalkboard we're situated near a major development that's being planned but it's going to affect everyone across the city negatively unless some kind of strategy is drawn up and finds multi-agency support amongst campaigning organisations and community groups.

I mean this is what's planned for Charing Cross:-

    And for our area nearby the George's Cross Chalkboard (a working class district) they're planning this development:-

    A fucking marina complex of eight huge blocks across from the already massive gated community at spiers wharf:-

    Something needs to be done to stop our communities facing a wave of urban clearances of the working class. This is horrific.

    Who is into this?