Wimmin vs G8 Fundraising Extravaganza! (and more)

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Feb 17 2005 13:16
Wimmin vs G8 Fundraising Extravaganza! (and more)

Featuring... the world premiere of short film "Amazing Graves" (Zombies!Werewolves!Action!Romance!)

Plus... other short films, music, spoken work perfomances, plus dj set.

Suggested donation £2/3

More details at g8feministaction.frockon.org

and also...

******WIMMIN VS G8 ZINE******

Call for submissions! Call for submissions!


Are you an artist-writer-thinker-creator-lover-rebel-poet-dreamer?

Of course you are! So why not contribute to the first issue of the

Wimmin v. G8 zine?

We are looking for contributions of any kind relating **loosely** to

the G8 and feminist politics.

The first submission deadline is the end of February 2005. So get cracking!

Send submissions to kristina.nellweaver(at)gmail.com or