who are the G48 social centre collective?

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Dec 1 2004 14:31
who are the G48 social centre collective?

I have just learned that some new group called the G48 social centre collective has just emerged within Glasgow. Who are they? And what do the represent?

A whisper in the wind tells me this is yet another infiltration for that lovable 'radical' /agent provocatuer from SCND.

He's currently partnered up with suit wearing skinhead Mick and his blonde gangster moll. A few years ago Mick was involved in another anarchist project, and approximately £800.00 of raised funds went missing. Mick who didn't believe in banks hid it under his pillow, but he swears blind that his daughter took the money. What she spend it on? Heroin? Crack Cocaine? She must have been under 10 years of age. That's a lot of chocolate.

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Dec 1 2004 18:49

G42 Collective (not G48... getting a bit muddled there I think...)

A collective of about 10 people who have been meeting weekly for the last two months or so to discuss setting up a Social Centre in Glasgow - probably on the Southside...hence G42 Collective...

As for the other garbage, a member of the collective does WORK for Scottish CND but can't for the life of me work out who you mean by Mick and his blonde moll???

Some events G42 are organising:

Fundraiser filmshowing of "The Corporation" Saturday 11th December Kinning Park; “This is a documentary from the Michael Moore school of filmmaking - razor-sharp, wry black humour, lashing the backsides of big business and tyrannical governments…”

popcorn and other non-corporate refreshements available.

Also: Monday 13th December 7.30pm MONO Glasgow Reshape Film show and talk to relaunch Glasgow Reshape in preparation for the G8.

And then many of the collective will be helping with the anti-war forum in Kinning Park on 11th & 12th December: Speakers include:

· Mil Rai (Justice Not Vengeance and author of ‘WarPlan Iraq’ and ‘Regime Unchanged’);

· Rose Gentle (Justice for Gordon Gentle Campaign);

· Joss Garman (Fairford and Northwood protest actions);

· Ewa Jasiewicz & Jenny Gaiawyn (Iraq eye-witnesses);

· Colin Buchanan (Co-ordinator Glasgow Troops Out Network)

· Byrony Macleod (Edinburgh School Student Strikes)

(See seperate posting for more details)

Hope that is 'provocative' enough for you Henry...

Nick Durie
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Dec 2 2004 14:04

I think the G42 group is a good idea Henry.

It is better that Glasgow has two centre projects as they seem to have quite different ethoses.

I would also like to congratulate comrades in G42 for the work they have done in bringing this project together, and I hope that it does not take them too long to get a space in Govanhill. I would also like to extend the hand of comradely friendship in whatever ways I can.

To that end however it seems worthwhile that G42 apply to Scotland UnLtd for cash - you should get some, and intitial grants will be made up to 5,000 pound, depending proper costing.


Nick Durie

(current Secretary of the Glasgow Autonomous Project)

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