Uncertainty for the Future of ACE

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Jul 15 2007 14:27
Uncertainty for the Future of ACE

So the last social centre in Scotland looks like it could end up closing...

"...we have been very lucky with our premises but now the landlord has put in a> planning application to turn it into a flat. the information we were given by the planning department was completely wrong so they have now allowed us further 2 weeks to object in writing. i think there are now 10 days left!

We would greatly appreciate it if you would write to the planning department (address below) with a letter based on the attached template. personal letters are best obviously.


ACE has the following facilities: free screenings/ workshops including womens health, massage, screenprinting,> desktop publishing, a make -your-own-short film course for black and asian> women aged 16-18/ cheapest photocopying in town/ free broadband access/ large> library and archive/ various groups meet & operate there, edinburgh claimants> (help and support for the unemployed and folk on low wages with benefits> advice/ problems with their gas/electricity companies etc etc) , amina (help> and support for muslim women), edinburgh chiapas solidarity group, womens> health group, screenprinting collective, leith wholefood co-op,> edinburgh IWW, and many others> we also have an extensive reference library of womens health books/> information, leith wholefoods (supplying affordable organic wholefoods)

many thanks,

nosh (on behalf of ACE)


Head of Planning and Strategy,
City Development Department,
City of Edinburgh Council,
1 Cockburn Street,

Re Planning Application 07/02348/FUL
17 West Montgomery Place,

Dear Sir/ Madam

I wish to object to the application for planning permission to convert the above property into a flat. This would result in the loss of the valuable community facility currently provided in these premises. I consider that the ACE charity operating in 17 West Montgomery Place provides a very useful resource in this neighbourhood, and serves a real local need. I understand that the Councils development policy is to protect local shops, community halls and meeting rooms I would urge that this policy be adhered to, and that this planning application be refused.

Yours sincerely"

If anyone who's involved keep can us up-to-date and how else people can help out that'd be grand.

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Jul 15 2007 14:55

have written a letter and will post it tomorrow.

hopefully ACE will be able to find another space if this ges ahead. they seem to be doing some pretty cool stuff up there.

red n black star

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Jul 15 2007 16:06

will post out letter tomorrow, this would be bad if it goes ahead hopefully it wont. so much done for the community.

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Jul 16 2007 12:13


cheeky buggers, i wasted a first class stamp on them... angry

anyway, any postal letters of protest should go to:

Planning and Strategy Department
for the attention of Kirsty Hope
Waverley Court
Level G2
4 East Market St
Edinburgh EH8 8BG

you can also email kirsty hope on kirsty.hope@edinburgh.gov.uk

you *must* include your name, postal address and the reference number for the planning application on all correspondence.

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Jul 16 2007 16:15

Apologies for that ftony and thanks for clearing it up.