Next Dissent Gathering

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Jan 8 2005 03:09
Next Dissent Gathering

DISSENT! Gathering:

The next Dissent! gathering will take place in Glasgow over the weekend of 12th - 13th February.

Indoor accomodation for those travelling from outside Glasgow (of a distinctly floor-based nature) will be available on the friday & saturday. (Sunday by arrangement)

If you wish to attend, please email to let us know how many people to expect. Don't need to know names, just numbers.

Also let us know in advance of any accessibility / dietary / accomodation / medical needs.

Any questions should be emailed to or

There will be a phone number made available nearer the time.

"LOCALS!": If you can help with accomodating attendees, providing food or transport, etc please contact

Glasgow Reshape are having their first Proper meeting next week. Come

along if you like. And there's an email list to join too if that's your

thing (


The Pearce Institute is just by Govan Underground / bus station (loads

of buses go by, anyone know what numbers?). It's a big building with a

clock on the front. It's in the cafe room at the front.