Nazis tagging on to Scottish Loyalists

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Jan 26 2008 14:14
Nazis tagging on to Scottish Loyalists

Around 17 NF came up from England for this. Supposedly staying at Sauchiehall Street near Kelvingrove Park in one of the Hostels/B+Bs there. Police kept them a long distance from the march itself.

Republican March Faces Demo Threat

THE National Front is threatening to disrupt an Irish Republican march in Glasgow this weekend.

Friends of Ireland will mark Bloody Sunday with a parade from Blythswood Square to Kelvingrove Park on Saturday morning. But the Right-wing group plan a counter demonstration.

In 2006, 11 arrests were made as around 400 protesters threw missiles at the 1000 marchers and the previous year there were three arrests and shoppers had to take cover as around 300 people tried to ambush the procession at Queen Street station.

Last year the march, which set off from Blythswood Square at 9.30am passed relatively peacefully and councillors this year backed a police recommendation that it be held at the same time and along the same route.

City Labour councillor Gordon Matheson said: "There has always been a risk of counter protest but I have the greatest respect and confidence in police."

The National Front said it was calling for a "peaceful" counter demonstration.

A police spokesman said: "We have been in consultation with march organisers and with some of those who have said they intend to protest and the event will be policed accordingly."

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Jan 26 2008 14:53

17, not a bad turnout.

Well done lads.

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Jan 26 2008 18:58

Just outta interest how many Scottish Loyalists opposed the march and were the 17 NF members kept away from them? Just given the thread title I somehow expected a bit more into on that.

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Jan 29 2008 22:37

unlikely, if youve seen any such protest in scotland or elsewhere. A mutual alliance for this one