(Lothians) Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group Tuesday 10th 7pm

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David W
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Jul 9 2007 22:21
(Lothians) Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group Tuesday 10th 7pm

Would like to welcome everyone to come along and get involved. Things are pretty exciting at the moment as our last event (a documentary about the group itself and its assitance in the construction of a hospital with our twinned municipality in Chiapas) filled out the Posties club with at least 20 new people signing on to the mailing list. So if you would like to come along then please do as with hopefully many new people coming along its the perfect time to get an introduction.

Edinburgh group meeting Tuesday 10th July 2007 @ ACE at 7pm
The meeting venue is the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE), 17 West Montgomery Place, EH7 5HA,
(junction with Brunswick Road, short walk from Elm Row/ Leith Walk) Tel: 0131 557 6242

See our website for more info about the group and the latest news and developments in Mexico:

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Jul 11 2007 01:39

Ach, can't believe I never checked this section out till tonight.