Loads of upcoming events

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Nov 30 2004 22:55
Loads of upcoming events

Thought people might find some of these interesting. We've now got a weekly announcement email list, so if you want something put in there, especially libertarian or community events in Glasgow, email




1) Autonomous Project coffee mornings in Govan.

2) Troops Out of Iraq meetings and weekend of action including Solstice at Faslane

- anti war forum

3) Scots Leid Associe

4) G8 - Trapeze workshop in Glasgow

- Feminist response

- Dissent conference in Newcastle

5) IWW One Big Union

6) Zapatista Solidarity Benefit Gig

7) Palestinian Solidarity Events

- Vanunu 4 Rector

- Palestine Open Evening

- Bad news from Israel


1) Autonomous Project coffee mornings in Govan.

Every Saturday morning, in the heart of Govan, the Harmony Cafe serves tea, coffee (50p a cup with free refills).

Each week we will attempt to give some insight into various topics and community interests, and have informal discussion and socialising.



2) Troops Out of Iraq meetings and weekend of action including Solstice at Faslane

- anti war forum

Troops Out (Glasgow) is a non-aligned, non party

political, grassroots organisation united around a

single issue - that the occupying troops should be

brought out of Iraq.

We meet every Wednesday 7-9 pm. Woodside Halls. 36 Glenfarg Street. G20 7QF

Between St George’s Rd and Clarendon St at the bottom of Maryhill Rd. Nearest underground station is St

George’s Cross. If you have difficulty finding it, phone 07952 969102


Open meetings : new people and ideas welcome.

*** Weekend of action against the war in Iraq 18th-19th December ***

A weekend of action has been called for the last weekend before Christmas.

More details nearer the time, or come along to a meeting, or email

glasgow-troops-out-of-iraq-subscribe@lists.riseup.net to join in the discussion.

*** Strengthening networks of resistance to war: an

anti-war forum 11th & 12th December, Kinning Park

Complex, Glasgow ***

Two days of workshops and discussion aimed at

strengthening networks of resistance to war in




3) Scots Leid Associe, Glesca Brainch

The Scots Leid Associe (Scots language society) is haudin its monthly forgaitherin themorra, wi the theme o the e'en bein a Yuletide swaree.

Come alang, come ben intil the riggin o the kirk. The meetin is bein hauden inby the Lansdowne Kirk, on Great Western Road, at 7PM. Entrance is free altho donations intae the bunnet efterhaund is muckle appreciatit.

"Dec 1: a Yuletide Swaree ... snacks / mulled wine ... come gie's a sang,

poem or story. Nae Jan foregetherin ... sae Feb 2 etc."



4) G8 - Trapeze workshop in Glasgow

- Feminist response

- Dissent conference in Newcastle

The TRAPESE roadshow is coming to Glasgow! 7.30pm, Friday 3rd December,

Woodside Halls, Glenfarg Street, G20. (For how to get there, see the end of

this message).

Roll up for the flight of the TRAPESE, flying through the high ether of

climate change, oil-war, the G8 and civil disobedience, crashing

spectacularly to the ground with brief interactive workshops, a pubquiz,

short films and music.

The roadshow is an evolving part of the "Educate the G8" collective.

We want to inform and mobilise people to take positive action around the

issues behind the G8.

Renewable energies, popular education, alternative medias and grassroots

participation are our thing. Oil fuelled profit crazy big Corp government,


Come check out the show, tell us what you think, get involved and find out

more about the Dissent! network. www.dissent.org.uk



Mobile: 07904452297

The Glasgow event will be free/donation based.


Feminist Response to the G8

A new group has been formed to oppose the G8, and are now holding meetings.

"From the 6th to the 8th of July 2005 the G8 (group of 8 most industrialised nations) will be meeting in Gleagles in Perthshire, Scotland.

This group exists to help coordinate feminist education, mobilisation and action in opposition to the warmongering, capitalist, anti-woman agenda of the G8 summit."

Meeting this week, 8pm, Thursday 2nd December, the meeting room, Fourwalls Housing Co-op, 35

Carnarvon Street.


Dissent! Conference

Newcastle 4th & 5th December 2004

Dissent! is a network of local groups which meet up at bi-monthly conferences to discuss how to mobilise against the G8 summit.

Practical Information

The Conference is taking place over a weekend.....

From the Dissent! website:-

"Meetings will begin on Saturday morning and probably end by Sunday evening but other Dissent! events may continue until Monday morning and everyone is welcome to stay till then!

*** Please note in advance that there will be farm animals at the venue ***

If you want to attend the Gathering IT IS IMPORTANT that you let us know:

*How many people you are

*When you plan to arrive ( if you are arriving on Friday, for example )

*What accommodation you would like: on site accommodation is floor space or, if you prefer, you can camp, we can arrange private home space, or of course you can make individual arrangements.

*If you have any special requirements ( food, allergies and preferences, proper bed )

*If you are bringing kids with you.

*Please do not bring dogs unless it is unavoidable, and please let us know in advance.

It is not necessary for you to give us your name or any personal information.

Food will be vegan, children are very welcome. Costs will be kept to a minimum, and no one will be turned away who cannot pay. Please bring sleeping bag ( and tent if camping ) and warm clothes. For the evenings there are many good pubs and suchlike nearby.

Please email this information to: g8gathering@yahoo.co.uk

or send a letter to: PO BOX 1TA, Newcastle, NE99 1TA

If you would like to make a suggestion for the agenda for the weekend, email: dissentprocess@yahoo.co.uk

See you in Newcastle!"


5) IWW One Big Union


Date: Wednesday December 1 2004

Time: 7:30 PM

Place: Pearce Institute on Govan Road (about 100 yards West/left

of Govan Underground and Bus stations)

If you want to take action to improve your workplace, support

those who are, or find out more about the IWW, please come along to this


If you would like more information, please go to www.iww.org.uk

or e-mail iwwclydeside@yahoo.co.uk


6) Zapatista Solidarity Benefit Gig

Glasgow Zapatista Group is pleased to announce a benefit night

which will be held on Tuesday 7th December at the 13th Note on

King St from 8pm til late.

Suggested donation: £3

The Affiliators (Trash Punk)

Lummox (?)

Sulpher Children (Folk Punk)

Plus Irish Coffee Stall


7) Palestinian Solidarity Events

- Vanunu 4 Rector

- Palestine Open Evening

- Bad news from Israel

A campaign has started to elect Mordechai Vanunu as rector of Glasgow University.

Comedians 4 Vanunu

Mark Thomas, the comedian, and Peter Hounam, the BBC film-maker and Sunday Times journalist who first brought Vanunu's story to world attention, and who has been barred from visiting Israel, will be speaking in support of Vanunu at an open meeting at Glasgow U on Tueday Dec 7th at 1,00pm venue TBC

For more details see http://www.vanunu4rector.org.uk/

Writers 4 Vanunu

Friday December 10th 7.00pm Oranmor (top of Byres Rd) Free entry

Prominent Scottish writers

will give an evening of readings of their work in support of Vanunu's election campaign,


Palestine Open Evening

Thursday 2nd December, 8pm. At the Wellington Church, 77 Southpark Street, off University Ave.

The Campaign for Palestinian Rights invites you to come along to a informal evening, or refreshments and conversation. Come along to the Wellington Church to find out both about the CPR group and what it does, or bring any questions about the Palestinian question or how it relates to the wider middle east context, and CPR will be happy to discuss these and much more.

8pm onwards but drop-in and out to suit yourself - this is a free and informal event and your chance to bring questions to CPR.


Bad news from Israel

Thurs 9th December. 8pm. At the Wellington Church. 77 Southpark Street, off University Ave.

Bad news from Israel is published by Pluto press and co-authored by Greg Philo and Mike Berry. The authors invite you to come along and hear them talk and ask questions about the issues raised by the book.

Event sponsored by Scottish Palestine Forum, Glasgow Scottish Palestine Campaign, Campaign for Palestinian Rights & Scottish Friends of Palestine



"We strive for a sustainable society where all people are free to live their lives as they see fit without fear of oppression, persecution or marginalization insofar as this does not prevent others

from doing the same. We see this fulfilled thru a society built upon principles of co-operation, solidarity, mutual-aid, direct democracy and freedom of association."

If you would like to contribute to GAP and help in any of our activities we are holding weekly meetings in the Pearce Institute in Govan, on Govan Rd, on Mondays at 6:30 PM.

We are trying to raise money to buy premises for a radical community centre and organisational space to advance our aims of building a new society, as outline above. If you would like to contribute to the project financially please note the following details. We are looking for one-off donations as well as standing orders and all contributors will be sent a regular newsheet about what we are up to and what your help has enabled us to do.

Account Name: "Printworks"

Sort Code: 11 47 21

Account Number: 00026891

To receive these weekly news updates please email glasgowautonomyupdates-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

To stop receiving them please email glasgowautonomyupdates-unsubscribe@lists.riseup.net