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Nick Durie
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Dec 15 2004 10:14
Latest Glasgow Autonomy Update

Glasgow autonomy update - 15/12/04


* Anti-war - Weekend of Action

- Justice for Gordon Gentle Film Premiere

- Vigils

- Monthly Anti-War Forum

- Troops Out of Iraq (Glasgow) Meeting..

* Oi Polloi Concert

* Harmony Cafe




1) Weekend of action - 18th & 19th - called by Troops Out Of Iraq

(Glasgow) and RCG

* Sat 12 - 3pm Street Theatre at Donald Dewar statue on Buchanan Street

(come along and take part!)

* Sun 12 onwards - Silent March for the dead of Iraq

(Join the march and help us remember the dead)


2) Justice for Gordon Gentle film premiere, 19th

"Dear Mrs Blair"

Music by Belle and Sebastian

SCREENING DATE: Sunday 19 Dec 2004, 7:30-8:30pm, GFT Cinema 1 .

Free Admission.

Followed by a debate and Personal Appearance by Rose Gentle and a panel of

speakers including Ewa Jasiewicz, Rev. John Mann and A. L. Kennedy


3) Vigils

Vigils against the continuing occupation will be taking place in Buchanan

street at the Donald Dewar Statue at 5pm this Thursday, and every Tuesday

and Thursday for the foreseeable future.

contact: for further information.


4) Monthly Anti-War Forum

Tuesday 11th January, at 6:30 PM. At the Kinning Park Centre.

A chance to network events, and find out what's happening to oppose the

continuing occupation of Iraq

contact: for more details.


5) Troops Out of Iraq (Glasgow) meeting.

In order to make props for this weekend's actions during the weekend of

action the Troops Out meeting will not be happening in the usual place.

Instead assembly 6:45pm 15/12/04 by the Halifax Bank of Scotland branch on

St Georges rd, just off St. Georges X.

Contact: for further details.



6) Oi Polloi Concert

Political punk band Oi Poilloi are playing a gig in the 13th Note bar on

King Street on the 27th of December. Doors open 8pm. Proceeds to be

distributed amongst anti-war groups and social centre projects.



7) Harmony Cafe

The Harmony cafe continues normal service in the Pearce institute in

Govan, from 10am this Saturday. This week the cafe will run a practical

skill-share on making signs and sandwich boards, which will be

incorporated into the cafe when they are completed. Come along and try

our medium roast Mut Vitz sngl estate.




Preferred format is a short summary, with practical details of when and where, and a

link to a web page for more detail. If you do not have a web site of your own, the

excellent allows anyone to easily create a page

letting others know what you have been, or are up to.

Send that to before Sunday for inclusion in

the following week.




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"We strive for a sustainable society where all people are free to live their lives

as they see fit without fear of oppression, persecution or marginalization insofar

as this does not prevent others from doing the same. We see this fulfilled thru a

society built upon principles of co-operation, solidarity, mutual-aid, direct

democracy and freedom of association."

We are trying to raise money to buy premises for a radical community centre and

organisational space to advance our aims of building a new society, as outlined

above. If you would like to contribute to the project financially please note the

following details. We are looking for one-off donations as well as standing orders

and all regular supporters will be sent a regular newsheet about what we are up to

and what your help has enabled us to do.

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