Internet activism- a few questions

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Aug 10 2005 11:16
Internet activism- a few questions


my name is kate, i'm a student at Glasgow university. i am trying to find out how the activities of political activists have changed with increased use of the Internet. you seem like a friendly lot, so i was wondering if i could get a little help? really, any opinions on the matter would be a great help, but i have made up a few pointer questions:

Why do you use this message board? How regularly?

Do you use other message boards too? For 'political' or social ends?

Do you think message boards are useful for political discussion? Do they encourage a wider discourse (in terms of the topics discussed and the people taking part)? Is it more likely that this discourse will be reasoned, having had time to think before you type?

Do you take part in political discussion elsewhere (e.g. with friends, family, in newspapers, meetings)?

Do you use the message board to organise political events, or have you noticed anyone else doing this?

Some more general issues might include whether you feel that it is generally easier to organise politically on the Internet, and why, how important the Internet is in maintaining freedom of speech, and how open the Internet is to wider discourse compared to other forms of media.

If anyone would prefer, my email address is

Thanks a lot for any help you can give me! Even just a couple of thoughts would be great.

Kate x