Glasgow Freeskool organisational meeting - Nov 6 @ 6:30pm

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Oct 30 2003 17:10
Glasgow Freeskool organisational meeting - Nov 6 @ 6:30pm

WHAT: Organisational meeting for the next anarchist free skool, to be held in Glasgow

WHEN: Wednesday 5 November, 6:30pm

WHERE: Insomnia Underground, Woodlands Road (directions below)

Insomnia serves coffee, tea and alcohol.

WHO: You, natch. Alistair and I will bring our mad anarcho-syndicalist flag and make it somehow visible so if you don't know either of us by sight it'll still be cool.



nb: the arrow points to Woodlands Road, not the Insomnia bar. Insomnia is towards the Charing Cross end of Woodlands Road.

Coming from Charing Cross - Insomnia Underground is towards the Charing Cross end of Woodlands road, on the left hand side. It is in a basement beneath the Music Academy bar/restaurant.

Coming from St. George's Cross Underground - St George's Cross Underground is the closest station. Walk down St George's Road to Charing Cross and follow the directions from there.

Coming from Kelvin Bridge Underground - Turn right coming out of the underground, and right again onto S Woodside Rd. Follow it round, crossing across Park Road onto Woodlands Road. Walk on past the Hogshead, continuing walking until after the Halt bar and the garage and it's on your right.

Coming from Hillhead Underground - Head up university avenue, and follow it round onto Woodlands. Walk past the Hogshead and the directions are the same from there as from Kelvin Bridge underground.

Hope to see you there! smile