[Glasgow Autonomy Updates] 22nd February 2005

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[Glasgow Autonomy Updates] 22nd February 2005

To publicise your event in the next update, email the details including contact information to


In other news this week, ex UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, plans to stand against his former employer, the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, at the general election as a human rights candidate. "Britain is using information obtained from torture to imprison people indefinitely"





- GAP meeting - 28th February

- G42 meeting - 23rd February

- Freedom Readers Group - 24th February

- Scottish Linux User's Group - 24th February

- IWW Clydeside - 2nd March

- Scots Leid Associe (Glesca Brainch) Foregaitherin - 2nd March


- SHRINE Raimi Gbadamosi - 12 February to 12 March

- ‘Yes Men’ Film Masterclass - 22nd February

- "Wall", 21st, 22nd Feb, Glasgow Film Theatre

- Stuart Christie and Willy Maley on Franco, Glasgow and Anarchism - 27th February


- BBC1 Rose Gentle Documentary - 22nd February

- Bring The Troops Home Rally - 23rd February

- Don’t Take Liberties With Our Liberties - 25th


- Troops Out vigils - every Monday and Tuesday

- Weekly anti-war stall - every Saturday

- Weekend of action to build anti-war demo - 26th to

27th February

- Phone blockade of Weir Pumps, 1st March

- Faslane Spring Clean - 11th March

- Anniversary of official start of war in Iraq - 19th


- International Day of Action Against the Arms Trade -

21st March

- Week of Action Against the Corporate Plunder of Iraq - 1st-7th April

- Army Recruitment Office Laugh In - 1st April


- Reshape meeting - 24th February


- Protest at Cornton Vale - 12th March

- Glasgow Women's Library - Events all week


- Protest at Scottish Parliament - 24th February


- Critical Mass - 25th February

- Talamh courses




GAP meeting - 28th February

We meet every Monday, 6:30 - 9pm, at the Pearce Institute, Govan Rd, on the corner of Pearce St.

All who agree with our vision statement are welcome at our meetings:

"We strive for a sustainable society where all people are free to live their lives as they see fit without fear of oppression, persecution or marginalization insofar as this does not prevent others from doing the same. We see this fulfilled thru a society built upon principles of co-operation, solidarity, mutual-aid, direct democracy and freedom of association."



G42 meeting - 23rd February

G42 social centre project meets every Wednesday from 8pm in Mono cafe, Kings Court.


Freedom Readers Group - 24th February

A forum for readers of that periodical plus other publications - Black Flag etc is meeting Thurs 24th Feb and possibly again on 31st March. The venue is not confirmed for 24th, so that means anybody interested should email hereandnowscot@email.com to register interest.


Scottish Linux User's Group meeting - 24th February

For users and fans of the community-built operating system, linux.

The first part of the meeting is held in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences Seminar Room

(L13.18), Livingston Tower, University of Strathclyde, G1 1XH from 19.30 to 21.00

The second part of the meeting occurs in The Counting House pub on George Square from about 21.00.



IWW Clydeside branch meeting - 2nd March.

International Workers of the World (Wobblies) are a militant, democratic,

syndicalist union.

For more information and to join come along to the meeting or see


IWW Clydeside meets first Wednesday of every month, 7:30 - 9pm. Pearce

Institute, Govan Rd. (opposite the shopping centre, 2 minutes walk from Govan



Scots Leid Associe (Glesca Brainch) Foregaitherin

2nd of March, 7:30pm, Lansdowne Parish Kirk.

"The Scots Leid Associe wis foondit in 1972 an aye ettles ti pit forrit a feckfu case for the Scots language in leiterature, drama, the media,

education an ilka day uiss. Sen Scots wis aince the state language o

Scotland, an is aye a grace til oor national leiterature, it lies at the

hert o Scotland's heirskep. The Associe threips on the view that Scots

maun staun its ben as ane o three leids o the kintra, alang wi Gaelic an


Alang wi promotin the language an tyauvin ti persuade government, education authorities an the media ti pit in whit siller the language needs for its langer-term haelth,"

The Glesca Brainch holds open meetings at the Lansdowne Parish Kirk from

7:30pm (Kelvinbridge), come along and take part.




SHRINE -Raimi Gbadamosi - 12 February – 12 March

market gallery is pleased to present a solo show by Raimi Gbadamosi,

which explores the extraordinary life of Nigerian musician and

activist Fela Kuti.

Declaring the gallery an independent state, and playing Fela’s music

non-stop, for the duration of the show Gbadamosi will recapture the

ideals and atmosphere of ‘Kalakuta’ and the club from which the

exhibition takes its name.

Organised discussion with invited guests will take place on 16

February, 2 and 9 March 7pm.

Become a citizen at www.the-republic.net

For further information please contact David Stamp at market gallery

tel: 0141 556 7276

email: market@marketgallery.org.uk


‘Yes Men’ Film Masterclass - February 22nd

Camcorder Guerillas Host ‘Yes Men’ Film Masterclass February 22nd with Mike Bonanno and Andy Bilchlbaum, the two stars of the new cult documentary film ‘The Yes Men’.

6.00 pm to 10.00 pm, at Glasgow Media Access Center, Albion St.

Cost: £18 / £8 / £5 sliding scale - includes a buffet meal

To Book: send an email to info (at) camcorderguerillas.net or telephone (0141) 553 2551. Messages left on the answering machine will be picked up regularly. Booking is on a ‘first come first served’ basis as places are limited.



Wall (Mur), 21st and 22nd Feb

Glasgow Film Theatre, Rose St, 6.30pm (21st) and 3.45pm (22nd)

"The fence is worthless. Without peace it's worthless - it's a joke," claims one Israeli, a survivor of a suicide bomber. In contrast, the Palestinians Bitton interviews are largely shell-shocked. It's easy to understand why: dispossessed and forgotten, they've been turned into powerless observers of their own entombment.

In French, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles.



Stuart Christie and Willy Maley on Franco, Glasgow and Anarchism - 27th February

Stuart Christie is Britain’s most famous anarchist. Born in Glasgow, at the age of 18 he went to Spain to assassinate General Franco. Later, he was acquitted of being a member of the Angry Brigade. Is anarchism idealistic or impossible? Stuart Christie talks about his autobiography Granny Made Me an Anarchist with Willy Maley from the University of Glasgow, co-author of From the Calton to Catalonia.

2.00pm-3.00pm. Mitchell Library, Charing Cross.

£3.50 (adult) £2.50 (concession) £2.50 (children)






BBC1 Rose Gentle Documentary - 22nd February

`One Mother’s Son` on BBC1 Scotland at 10.35pm to

11.05pm on Tuesday 22nd February.

Rose’s son Gordon Gentle was a young Royal Highland

Fusilier who was tragically killed in Basra on June

28th last year. Since then Rose has tirelessly

campaigned for Justice for Gordon Gentle.

The programme deals with how the death of young Gordon

has devastated his family and set his mother Rose

on a campaign against the war.


Bring The Troops Home Rally - 23rd February

7.30pm Renfield St Stephens Church Centre, Bath

Street, Glasgow.

As well as an Iraqi eyewitness, the speakers include A

L Kennedy, Tommy Sheridan and Chris Nineham.

Coalition for Justice not War


Don’t Take Liberties With Our Liberties - 25th


Guantanamo - Bagram - Abu Ghraib - UK House Arrest

Public Meeting on Human Rights

+ Jamal Al-Harith - Guantanamo detainee

+ Ashfaq Ahmed - Father of Babar Ahmed, facing

extradition to the US

+ Rosemarie McIlwhan - Scottish Human Rights Centre

+ Anas Altikriti - Muslim Association of Britain

Friday 25 February 2005

6.45pm for 7pm

Al-Furqan Mosque, 19 Carrington St, Woodlands, Glasgow

All welcome



Troops Out vigils:

Candleless vigils continue from 5:30-6:30 on Mondays

and Tuesdays at the top of Buchanan Street, by the

Donald Dewar statue, to highlight the continuing

slaughter in Iraq.



Weekly anti-war stall - every Saturday

All fliers, information etc relating to the war,


11:30 - 2pm every Saturday.

Donald Dewar statue, top of Buchanan St.



Glasgow Troops Out meeting.

7-9pm. Wednesday 16th February. Woodside Halls.

Clarendon st, off Maryhill Rd, near St. George's X.

The meeting is open to anybody wishing to contribute

positively to the anti-war movement.

All suggestions regarding targets, actions and tactics

are welcome.



Weekend of action to build anti-war demo - 26th to

27th February

Creative interventions welcome.

We will be publicising the events on the 19th March -

the 2nd anniversary of the official start of war in


12 noon onwards both days at Donald Dewar statue, top

of Buchanan St.



Phone blockade of Weir Pumps, 1st March

Phone them all day to tell them what you think about

their role in the occupation of Iraq.

There is clear evidence that the company is involved


1)Pillaging Iraq as a sub-contractor of Halliburton

2)Under investigation for ‘lining the pockets’ of



3)Maintaining Britain’s illegal Trident nuclear

weapons system

4)Producing parts for Finland’s new nuclear reactor

5)Providing equipment for oil pumping stations in

Sudan causing

killing and

displacement of the local population

6)Financially backed the Conservative Party in 1994

Head office

149 Newlands Road, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EX, UK

+44 (0)141 637 7111

+44 (0)141 637 2221

Weir have started guarding their London offices on the

days of anti-war marches. They're scared, and this is

only the beginning.


Faslane Spring Clean

Friday, 11 March 2005

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Organizer: faslane peace camp

A weekend to do all tidy and repair jobs which require large amounts of people also to do the summer jobs from last year that weren't finished. Also actions and party on the sunday. to make this event work we will need van and driver, plumber, activists, workers, musicians, small sound system, story tellers but mostly we need u


Faslane peace camp

Cost: £5.00 for food for the weekend

Directions: By public transport Train from glasgow queen st to helensburgh then bus from train station 316 ask driver to drop u at peace camp. driving from glasgow follow A82 to dumbarton then A814 to helensburgh then stay on A814 were on side of road

Contact: 01436 820 901 faslanepeacecamp (at) hotmail.com


Anniversary of official start of war in Iraq - 19th


* Glasgow - meet 12 noon at Donald Dewar statue, top

of Buchanan St. There will be an open microphone, so

that everyone can have their say. Other details nearer

the time.

To get involved in organising, either join the troops

out discussion list (details below) or come to the

Wednesday night fortnightly meetings.

* London - coaches leave at midnight from George

Square, Friday

18th March.



International Day of Action Against the Arms Trade -

21st March

Actions are planned. Meetup points to be announced



For more info on international actions: www.dsei.org


Week of Action Against the Corporate Plunder of Iraq -

1st-7th April

Actions planned.



Army Recruitment Office Laugh In - 1st April

Part of the week of action. Think the war is

ludicrous? Then come and show it by having a good old

April Fools laugh at the army recruitment office in

Queen St, Glasgow. Time TBA.





Reshape meeting, 24th February:

Reshape Glasgow is the local Glasgow group organizing as part of the Dissent! Network, an organisation that aims to provide non-hierarchical opposition to the G8 when it arrives in Gleneagles in Strathearn, later this year.

7:30-9:00pm, Thursday 24th February

Pearce Institute (cafe room)

840-860 Govan Road

100 yards to the left coming out of Govan U station, big building with a clock on the front.





(More events will be in next week's update)


Glasgow Women's Library

Loads of events all week. More details in the next update, or pop in. (If you haven't been before, its a really lovely, welcoming space).

109 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HD

Lift & stair entrances to the Library are situated approximately 10 metres along

a cobbled lane off Trongate which is a main road.

For more specific information on access e-mail the Library.

Open: TUE-FRI 1-6pm & SAT 2-5pm.

Glasgow Women's Library is a WOMEN ONLY ENVIRONMENT during opening hours.


http://www.womens-library.org.uk/where.htm - mini map


Protest at Corton Vale

Saturday, 12 March 2005, 12 noon

Protest at the conditions of women being held at Corton Vale - the majority of whom are in for minor and drug related offences.

Corton Vale Prison, Stirling

For transport arrangements phone 0870 752 2505

SSP Wimmins Network





Protest ID Cards Outside Scottish Parliament, 24th February

The Scottish Green Party will be initiating a debate on ID cards

in the Scottish Parliament this week, on the morning of Thursday 24th



Volunteers from the Glasgow and Edinburgh No2ID groups will be

outside Holyrood to distribute leaflets and wave a banner or two before

the debate starts.




Critical Mass - 25 February 2005

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

psst ...

There are strong rumours to the effect that there will be a happy coincidence of cyclists getting together to ride through Glasgow, the last Friday of every month, 5:30pm, George Square.

... pass it on



Talamh courses

March 5th & 6th

Biodiesel Making Workshop

The popular course in making Diesel from veg oil, with everything you need to know. £85

March 14th - 19th

Tree Week

The second of our Tree Weeks this season, we'll be planting more hedges, coppicing and exploring other forms of sustainable woodland management. Learn new skills for free.

April 11th - 16th

Gardening Week

Come and help out in our organic gardens. At this busy time of year we need volunteers for planting and sowing and digging. Learn new skills for free.