gap xmas appeal

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Nick Durie
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Dec 17 2004 01:21
gap xmas appeal

Merry Christmas From GAP!

Dear friends,

As many of you may be aware the Glasgow Autonomous Project is

currently trying to raise

funds for the set-up of a radical centre. As part of our fundraising

activities we are putting together a series of spectacular Christmas

offers to help you celebrate the festive season.

We have on offer an excellent range of wreaths and garlands available for

order, making the best use of sustainable, locally sourced, evergreen

plants, which have traditionally been used at this time of year to

symbolize hope. We hope that you will appreciate our craftsmanship, and

consider us this Christmas.

We ask you to think about purchasing your Christmas decorations from us,

which we feel justified in saying are the best ethical alternative to

spending your money buying expensive Christmas decorations down your

'local' Tescos or Walmart. Not only just hand-made, to high standards,

GAP decorations offer real value for money and you know that 100% of all

our profits will go towards the purchase of a radical community space.

Give the world a present this Christmas - shop with GAP!

Wreaths from our 'hope' range:-

Evergreen Promise - £10.00 'A choice assortment of evergreen plants and


Laurel Profusion - £12.00 'A colourful array laural and berries'

Winter Cheer - £12.00 'A traditional wreath incorporating holly,

berries and warmth'

Hedera - £12.00 'A well-structured profusion of ivy and winter


Stylistica - £15.00 'A must-have, modern design, with real

Christmas sparkle'

Garlands (price per metre)::

Holly - £4.50

Ivy - £3.00

Everygreen - £3.00

laurel - £4.00

All orders should be sent to Please

allow two to three days for delivery and enclose address and telephone

number. If you live outside of Glasgow please remember that we cannot

send orders any later than the 21st.


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