Anti-War Forum: Strengthening resistance to war

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Anti-War Forum: Strengthening resistance to war

Just a few changes to that posted earlier:

Strengthening networks of resistance to war: an anti-war forum

11th & 12th December, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

Two days of workshops and discussion aimed at strengthening networks of resistance to war.


The re-election of Bush makes it almost inevitable that the US will launch more attacks on other countries some time in the next four years. With the recent resurgence of protests over the attack on Falluja, now is an appropriate time to look at how we can strengthen grassroots action, not only in support of the campaign to bring the troops home from Iraq but also in preparation for resistance to future US war-plans.

One stark lesson learnt from recent campaigns is that the British government won’t listen to a campaign of only marching from A to B and set-piece rallies. More creative forms of protest, direct action and civil disobedience have to become prominent features of campaigns if we are to succeed in stopping future wars.

This two day event is to help develop the networks of resistance to war in Scotland by sharing information and ideas and to come up with joint ideas for future actions.

How can we increase grass-roots action against war? How can we improve communication and solidarity between the different strands of the anti-war movement? What can we learn from each other’s experiences?

Over this weekend, we hope this anti-war forum will help to start to answer these questions and more.

Venue: Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow


Suggested donation: £2.00 / £3.00

Saturday 11th December:

11.00-12.00 Opening Session: Building Networks of Resistance


· Mil Rai (Justice Not Vengeance and author of ‘WarPlan Iraq’ and ‘Regime Unchanged’);

· Rose Gentle (Justice for Gordon Gentle Campaign);

· Joss Garman (Fairford and Northwood protest actions);

· Ewa Jasiewicz & Jenny Gaiawyn (Iraq eye-witnesses);

· Colin Buchanan (Co-ordinator Glasgow Troops Out Network)

· Byrony Macleod (Edinburgh School Student Strikes)

12.00 – 1.00pm Workshops:

1. An introduction to nonviolent direct action

2. Ongoing campaigns: Troops Out Network, Women in Black vigils, Justice for Gordon Gentle, Faslane Peace Camp & Trident Ploughshares

3. Justice Not Vengeance network

1.00—2.00pm Lunch (Vegan & vegetarian)

2.00 – 3.00pm Workshops First Session

1. Bases in Scotland and their roles in war and future wars

2. Events next year: Bush’s Visit to Britain; Justice Not Vengeance actions; G8

3. Strengthening the network – practical use of emails, texting, websites, newsletters, leaflets, phone trees, media, support work, etc

3.00 – 3.30pm Break

3.30 - 4.30pm Workshops Second session

4. Bases in Scotland and their roles in war and future wars

5. Events next year: Bush’s Visit to Britain; Justice Not Vengeance actions; G8

6. Strengthening the network – practical use of emails, texting, websites, newsletters, leaflets, phone trees, media, support work, etc

4.30 – 5.30pm Workshop Report Back and Discussion

6.00pm Evening Meal (Vegan & vegetarian)

7pm Film Show Fundraiser – showing of ‘The Corporation’ in Kinning Park £2.00 Followed by discussion on issues raised by the film. Fundraiser for The G42 Social Centre Collective.

9.00pm Social with live music

Accommodation can be provided overnight in the Kinning Park complex

Sunday 12th December

10.00 Breakfast (Self service)

11.00 – 12.00 Opening Session – Future Plans

Discussion about future joint actions.

12.00– 1.00pm Lunch (Vegan & vegetarian)

1.00– 3.00pm Planning workshops to prepare future joint actions

3.00 – 4.00pm Closing session

Feedback from planning workshops, announcements, contact exchange

To book a place please email: (not .com!) or phone 07751477628

There’s floor space at Kinning Park for overnight accommodation on Saturday night only. Some limited bed spaces may be available in local supporters homes. Please contact above for more details.


Kinning Park Community Centre, Cornwall Street, Kinning Park

By Public Transport: Take underground to Kinning Park. The Community complex is the large redbrick school on the other side of the road. (Please note: The Underground runs from 11am to 6pm on Sundays.)

By Road: Leave M8 at junction 20 (exit is straight after you cross the River Clyde). At the bottom of the flyover ramp follow the road round to the left. Go straight ahead then take a left turn back under the Motorway. Take the eighth left turn, Cornwall Street is the turn after Sussex St. Kinning Park Community Centre is the large redbrick building on the left at the bottom of the road.


· Milan Rai is author of ‘WarPlan Iraq’ and ‘Regime Unchanged’ and active in the ‘Justice Not Vengeance’ campaign

· Rose Gentle’s son, Gordon, was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq where he had been posted with the Royal Highland Fusiliers after only six months basic training. Rose has started a campaign, ‘Justice for Gordon Gentle’, for British troops to be brought home from Iraq

· Ewa Jasiewicz is a freelance journalist and activist who spent several months in Iraq earlier this year and was also detained for over a week in Israel in the summer of 2004 after being barred from entering the country

· Jenny Gaiawyn is a Trident Ploughshares activist who has been involved in humanitarian work on a voluntary basis in both Iraq and Palestine

· Joss Gorman has been charged with criminal damage, aggravated trespass and going equipped to cause criminal damage after trying to stop USAF Stealth Bombers flying from Fairford airbase in England

· Colin Buchanan is co-ordinator Glasgow Troops Out Network which have been holding daily vigils in Glasgow and lunchtime pickets of the Scottish Labour Party headquarters since the start of the attack on Fallujah as well as regular weekly vigils in Glasgow since the summer.

· Byrony Macleod was one of the Edinburgh High School students who organised school student strikes at the start of the war on Iraq

ALSO: Monday 13th December

7pm MONO: Glasgow Reshape meeting on the G8 organised by G42 Collective and Camcorder Guerillas.