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A place to discuss the current unrest in France (and now Germany and Belgium)

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Nov 9 2005 13:14


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Nov 9 2005 15:26

On the Swiss indymedia site there are reports (mostly taken from police press releases and mainstream media reports) about:

*Burning cars and bins in central Berlin

*Arson attacks in Potsdam, Lueneburg, Bremen, Herne and Wanne (again, mostly against cars and bins)

For more (in German) see:

Similar events seem to have errupted in cities across Belgium, for more (again, only in German - sorry) see:

Nov 15 2005 11:15

Salam all,

For those who are following closely the french uprising, a series of

interesting links to further readings (including articles, statements of

political groups and parties, eyewitness accounts, blogs, video...).

Feel free to disseminate!

In solidarity,


Naima Bouteldja's piece titled "Explosion in the Suburbs" (an edited

version of this article was published in the Guardian)

"A Night with the 'Rioters' who Feel 'Rage' By Yves Bordenave and Mustapha

Kessous, Le Monde (Paris), (English translation)

Statement of the "Mouvement de l'Immigration et des Banlieues"


(English from Sketchy Thoughts blog)

Statement of the Anarchist Federation of france

(French) "Emeutes et répression partout en France : Pas de justice, pas de


(English translation from Sketchy Thoughts blog)

Statement from The No Passaran Network, france

(French) "Le feu aux poudres Etat policier = Etat meurtrier"

(English translation from Sketchy Thoughts Blog) "The Fuse is Lit Police

State = Murder State"

PGA website, many articles with various languages and pics

Wikipedia page, with loads of links, and detailed discription of the event

a-must-see, though some info are controversial

IMC Paris (reports, coverage and discussions, predominantly in french)

A couple of english translations of eyewitness reports on IMC UK

Indymedia global page feature

Video and article accusing the police using flashballs and insulting

people (Only in french) "Emeutes de Clichy-sous-bois les jeunes accusent

la police"

Sketchy Thoughts Blog, though not exclusively about the french uprising,

there are continuous postings of related news collected from various


"Paris is Burning, Rage in the Banlieue" By DIANA JOHNSTONE, from

Counterpunch (it is

below the funding appeal)

More to come with time, please stay posted!