'zines and pamphlets worth distributing

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Sep 17 2014 21:46
'zines and pamphlets worth distributing

hey people.

im thinking of doing some zine and pamphlet drops in banks, doctors surgeries, schools, library's and other public builsings, waiting rooms and spaces. i think this is a decent way of spreading anarchist ideals and no doubt loads of people have done this in the past.

im at college in the UK and can steal their free printing facilities and it was all coming together until i realised i had no idea what zines are good and accessible to 'non-anarchists' all mine are on direct action and the like.
so has any body got any ideas for pamphlets that are small enough for people to pick up, read and take with them?

anything would be helpful, whether you've written it or found it, or anything that's inspired or interested you in the past?

or even self-help mutual aid pamphlets to get folk thinking...


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Sep 17 2014 21:57

out of intrest anyone got "Kropotkin's appeal to the young" in like a PDF or a pamphlet, that'd be a nice addition to classrooms in my college...

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Sep 18 2014 06:32

Hi Josh, dunno if it's on libcom - but it is here:

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Sep 18 2014 13:29

Id say if anything were going to engage a random person stumbling across it, itd be something from prole.info - they're full of pictures, which is probably better for engaging peoples casual interest than walls of text. Plus, they were written within the last 100 years, which is a bonus. You should read them, if you haven't already.

"Work, community, politics, war", which is a good, relatively short intro text,

"Abolish Restaurants", which is a slightly longer worker's critique of the food service industry,

"The Housing Monster", "which takes one seemingly simple thing - a house - and examines the social relations around it. From the construction site to the city, from gender roles to unions, what starts as a look at the house broadens into a critique of capitalism as a whole. "

That said, im not sure leaving literature lying around is effective (either in terms of cost, or in terms of effort) as a way of getting people interested in anarchist politics - it would undoubtably be cleared up in short order by cleaning staff, for one thing. You'd be better off trying to involve people in things that have immediate relevance for them and for improving their lives, and talk about politics with them in the context of whatever it is you are doing together, so they can see the relevance and use of it to them right now.

That said, if you've got loads of free printing credits it probably won't hurt.

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Sep 19 2014 10:43

cheers for the links and the ideas, i think that leaving them around wont hurt though... but its a good idea to have to zines on you so if you strike up a conversation you can give someone some introductory reading and ask them to have a flick through and see what they think.

also i found these which look good:


and if i can open the can of worms with is crimethinc, their zines and pamphlets how accessible do you think they are?
even if you think its too pretentious the quality is good... plus the whole 'avente garde' anarchism they peddle might go down well in the art department... wink

in short do you think the crimethinc pamphlets like 'fighting for our lives' are worth distributing?

Mr. Huxley
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Sep 19 2014 20:37

I think that pamphlets work best when you hand them to a person face-to-face, and you put contact information on them to something which they can get involved in if they're interested in what the pamphlet says.

Not that you hook *many* people this way -- but it is a way of "being known", and if you're speaking to issues that folk care about, then eventually you'll have someone actually call you up! Plus it's good practice -- lots of folk won't pay you much mind if you're polite, but you get to really refine your "shpiel" as you practice it on lots and lots of different kinds of people.

That's been my experience with pamphleting, anyways. For zines, I actually found that keeping them in a "library" was best -- it was kind of a "third step" after getting involved in whatever it was we were doing [hanging out somewhere after an action, see the library, and. . . ]

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Sep 28 2014 16:15

I did some stuff like this years ago. Not to be a cynic, but I found that businesses will just throw that stuff away.