Workfare Enquiry

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May 16 2011 10:59
Workfare Enquiry

Hi All

I'd really appreciate it if anyone is up for circulating this questionnaire more widely - or responding to it if it is relevant to you.




Have you been required to attend a work placement as a benefits claimant? If so, we want your account of what really happens?
Please answer any of the following questions you are happy to respond to, or tell us what it it was like in your own words. We will respect your confidentiality, but we also welcome and encourage people to respond anonymously. Please send your responses to

What local government area do you live in?

What benefits were you claiming when you were required to attend a work placement?

How long had you been claiming this benefit?

What organisation placed you on the work placement?

What organisation did you attend during your placement?

How long was the placement for?

How many hours a week did you attend the placement?

Did you have to attend other sessions as well as the work placement. If so, what sessions were they and for how often did you have to attend them?

Were you entitled to any expenses during the placement?

How were your benefits affected during the placement?

How were your benefits affected after the placement?

What tasks were you expected to carry out during the placement?

How did this compare to the work carried out by paid employees?

What training and support did you receive?

How were you treated by management and supervisors during the placement?

What was your relationship like with the workforce?

Did you have any experience of sanctions during your placement?

Were you led to believe that the placement could lead to paid employment?

Are you aware of any placements leading to paid employment?

Did you complete the placement?

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the placement?

Are you happy for us to contact you about your response. If so, please provide contact details?

Are you happy to have your story published in campaigning material opposing workfare?

Would you like us to keep you informed about the campaign?