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Nov 30 2010 01:20
Workers' and Students' Movement leaflet


Over recent weeks, the student movement has built up a great deal of momentum against the raising of university fees and the proposed marketisation of education. They have been hugely successful in taking meaningful and direct action in the pursuit of their goals.

Yet the issues facing students in this country are not isolated. They form part of a wider attack on the jobs, welfare and public services of the ordinary people. Attacks, we are told, which are necessary for the 'national interest', when in fact it is only in the interest of the 'markets' - who gambled recklessly and made huge losses. Losses which the ordinary people are told they must pay for.

We call for ordinary people to unite together in resistance; students, workers and the unemployed. The students, through their courage and determination, have shown that it is possible to resist these attacks, that there is something that can be done. This is a courage and a determination that we must share in. After all:

'We're all in this together'

The Workers’ and Student’s Movement is a group that exists to help bring together the struggles going on against the austerity budget cuts.

We support the call for a weekend of action on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of December, we salute all those occupying the colleges and universities, and express our solidarity with all demonstrations and protests to save our education and health services, in support of jobs and benefits, and against the austerity budgets both in the UK and abroad.

Find us in Facebook –
‘Dec 4th/5th - Weekend of Action: Against Austerity’
‘Workers and Students Movement’

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Workers’ and Students’ Movement 30/11/10

Sorry if the formatting is a bit weird, I did my best at short notice and late at night.

This will be distributed tomorrow, in some places, I'm not sure where...

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Nov 30 2010 10:20

If you post a PDF, I will hand out some.

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Nov 30 2010 16:15

Sorry, didn't see that, I posted the leaflet then logged off. I don't have a pdf maker on this machine - I just printed it through Word. I'll see what I or anyone else from WSM can do.