Workers management

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ola dreng
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Sep 10 2016 08:50
Workers management


I work on a farm as a gardener. The farm is currently privately owned, but is in the process of becoming a - and I am not sure this is the correct English term - foundation. That is, not privately owned anymore. In farming you then get hired by this foundation as part of a working group which runs the farm according to a set of mandates. You'll have to excuse my english on this one by the way....

My question is: What needs to be incorporated in the mandates to make sure that there will exists a horizontal structure, the rights and obligation of the workers and so forth. Is there any where I can look up templates or the likes of workers management? One of the owners of the farm is an anarchist of sort, and she is eager to implement this sort of structure. We are de-facto operating the farm along these lines, although perhaps not always on a consistent level....

Any help greatly appreciated!