via campesina/ A TRUSTWORTHY CHARITY ?

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Feb 27 2005 14:29
via campesina/ A TRUSTWORTHY CHARITY ?


i 'm putting on a benefit gig on March 4th to raise money for the tsunami disaster and have e-mailed via campesina, (the Indonesian National Peasant Federation), the charity i would like to donate the money to, on a few different occassions to notify them about this, and to receive more recent information on the current situation there. however, i have not had a reply, and this makes me feel dubious about giving them money.

does anyone know this organisation or have been in touch with them, donated money to them before? i have researched their website but there doesn't seem to be any info on current situation, any statistics or projects.. untill they have replied to me i will find it very hard to get myself to trasfer the money if i have no info on what it'll be spent on ect..

please write to me if you know anything, would be well usefull!!


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Jacques Roux
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Feb 28 2005 11:27

A quick google search looks like they are pretty welll known and respected, there seems to be a lot of stuff on them out there and i thought i saw stuff on their website about the Tsunami.... Oh and Jose Bove is there celebrity if that means anything!

Never heard of them otherwise!