(US) Strikes, Picketing and Inside Campaigns: A Legal Guide

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(US) Strikes, Picketing and Inside Campaigns: A Legal Guide

Not quite the anarcho-syndicalist guide to direct action.... but an interesting and informative book nevertheless. Helpful information for the activist.
By Robert M. Schwartz
This 2006 book is a must-have for any union or activist considering
aggressive action to combat management’s growing economic war against
workers. With a deep understanding of the complex web of rules
regulating forceful work-related activities, noted labor attorney and
author Robert Schwartz offers examples of what unions can do, pointers
on how to do it legally, picketing instructions, sample letters and
answers to scores of common questions.

Valuable guidance is provided on working without a contract, residential
picketing, pressuring secondaries, unemployment benefits, unfair labor
practice strikes, offers to return, lockouts and other related topics. A
must for every union officer, steward and activist!

Some of the questions Schwartz answers include:

a.. What measures can the union take against buyers, suppliers and
other secondary employers?
b.. When can strikers qualify for unemployment benefits?
c.. Why is working without a contract and conducting an inside
campaign a promising alternative to a strike?
d.. How can the union prevent an employer from hiring permanent
replacements during a one-day strike?
e.. In comparison with a strike, what are the four advantages of a
f.. When is it legal for strikers to picket on the employer’s
g.. Is being arrested for civil disobedience grounds for termination?
h.. When can a striking union ignore an employer’s gate?
i.. Can an employer remove strike signs planted on public property?
j.. Can an employer offer a striker a bonus to return to work?
k.. How can a union avoid a court injunction?
l.. When is employee videotaping illegal?
m.. Can the union send pickets to a foreign country?
n.. How can an employer withdraw union recognition in the first month
of a strike?
o.. How can sending notices to the employer protect strikers who
assault strikebreakers?
165 pages paperback