Urgent: Defend Union Barista Liberte Locke - Phase Two

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Dec 12 2011 18:50
Urgent: Defend Union Barista Liberte Locke - Phase Two


NYC IWW union organizer and rape survivor Liberte Locke is in danger of being fired for refusing to put her safety at risk for Starbucks. In retaliation for her organizing efforts, store manager Amady Liditi has forced Liberte to close every single shift for the last 4 months. After repeated sexual harassment while returning home after 2 AM, and tired of waiting on the slow process of legal charges (multiple ULPs filed with the NLRB), Liberte has been refusing to work past 11 PM for the past week and a half.


Demand an end to retaliatory scheduling against Liberte Locke based on her IWW union involvement and that she be scheduled for day shifts immediately.

Call, text or email
District Manager Adler Ludvigsen

Sunday Dec. 11th through Tuesday Dec. 13th

Sample email:

"This is ______ from the _______ branch of the IWW.

I am extremely concerned about the treatment IWW organizer Liberte Locke has received at the hands of Astor Place store manager Amady Liditi. I feel that forcing fellow worker Locke to close every single shift for the past four months is not only discriminatory, but is an obvious case of retaliation for her IWW-Starbucks Workers Union organizing efforts.

I demand that Liberte Locke be put on day shifts immediately and that any further retaliation and/or harassment based on her IWW union affiliation cease. As I'm sure you're aware, workers in this country have a legal right to organize. The efforts of Starbucks to break fellow worker Locke's spirit is an attack on all workers, and is in direct violation of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.

Furthermore, I demand that Amady Liditi be reprimanded for his sexist behavior in dealing with fellow worker Locke. Knowing that fellow worker Locke was a rape survivor, Liditi repeatedly told Locke that she did not "know her place." It is unacceptable to tell any woman what her place is, especial a survivor of sexual violence.

An Injury to One is an Injury to All."

You can also continue to call and/or text
Store Manager Amady Liditi



Liberte Locke is the author of his piece:

My body, my rules: a case for rape and domestic violence survivors becoming workplace organizers

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