Unite union for design professionals?

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spaceman spiff
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Oct 23 2017 13:49
Unite union for design professionals?

Hello all,

I recently read in An Anarchist FAQ that a key strategy in anarcho-syndicalist theory is for anarchists to join both an anarchist union/group, and a more mainstream labour union. I also read a recent paper by Gabriel Zucman, Emmanuel Saez, and Thomas Piketty, where they compare inequality in France and the US. They place a lot of importance on this difference in the rate of unionisation in the two countries. I've therefore decided to look into joining one myself. It seems that the most appropriate union for me as an architect, is the old UCATT, which has recently merged with Unite.

Was wondering what sort of feedback people had about joining Unite, or whether there are alternative unions that I could join as an architect. It seems to be a sort of pro-Labour party union and quite hierarchical, but otherwise alright? I'm also aware of Architects for Social Housing, and a nascent group called Architectural Workers, whom I've been in touch with already, though they seem less like a traditional union and more like a wikileaks for architects.

The purpose of this move would be to try to influence a mainstream union from the inside, to become more radical and democratic, and to promote unionisation within my profession (which is currently almost non-existent).

There was a good article regarding unionisation and architects at Dezeen here: