Third Manchester People’s Assembly

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Third Manchester People’s Assembly

Third Manchester People’s Assembly

The Third Manchester People’s Assembly on the 16th of April is an opportunity for campaigners to inform the public about the current state of affairs in key issues which concern us all: civil rights, asylum and immigration, work and migrant workers, casualisation of labour, safety at work, global warming, environmental protection, fair trade, organic food, ethical consumption, trade justice and the G8, anti-war campaigning, peace work, anti-racism, gender issues and more.

This event has been called by the Manchester Social Forum which meets on Thursdays (7.30 pm) at the Friends’ Meeting House.

The main aims are to promote cooperation and networking, to encourage the dissemination of information and to call for action.

The Third Manchester People’s Assembly will be held on

Saturday the 16 April in the Friends’ Meeting House, Mount Street

(directly behind the Central Library).


10 - 12: Workshops


peace/nowar/conflicts in the world

migrants and asylum seeker/ the right of moving/freedom of staying


civil rights/civil liberties

community struggles and future plans for Manchester

Workers /casual jobs / health and safety


12 - 1pm : Lunch (no charge – donation)

1 - 3.00: Alternatives Fair in main hall. Campaigners’ stalls, films and talks. A chance to find out what is going on – and find out how you can help.

3.00 - 4.00: Calls for action and feedback from workshops/fair.

Evening: Social event.

There is no charge for stalls, but we shall collect donations to help pay for the rooms! There is no minimum – no-one should be excluded because of lack of funds – but if you or your group can afford it an ‘unofficial minimum’ of £5 would be appreciated. Of course you are welcome to make a larger donation.


On 31st March there will be a meeting at 7.30 p.m. in Room 8 at the Friends’ Meeting House, Mount Street for people/organisations who want to have stalls or contribute to workshops. This could help you meet people interested in your area. You may decide to work together or put your stalls together.

We would like the event to be open and inclusive, but we will not give space to any individual or organisation with racist or discriminatory views or to any political party with a party stall. Genuine campaigns are welcome.

This is in order to avoid upsetting people and wasting campaigners’ time.