The Wars are Yours – the Deaths are Ours!

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Jul 8 2005 06:34
The Wars are Yours – the Deaths are Ours!

This is not the moment to hide in our mouseholes. We need a first London action today along with the Edinburgh demo (7pm in front of a tube station). This is precisely the moment to maximize pressure and try to produce a boomerang effect (similar to Madrid -

Due to irresponsibility of many libertarians who failed to organize around previous anti-war rallies and prepare posters, placards and banners, we don’t have much (especially anti-war) propaganda materials. London AF has some red and black flags (although those members who went to Scotland probably took them all), North London SolFed has at least one red and black flag, and South London SolFed might also have some but I can’t remember. Even Freedom’s banner might do. Other people will know if there’s any other stuff.

Lets make a short call to post on lists and inform the media.

Unfortunately I’m currently not in London (nor Britain for that matter)! I can help with announcing it on some lists and boards.

I propose maybe a sit-in or even better a picket/vigil (with candles creating a peace sign - in front of one of their palaces or some other highly symbolic venue (eg. outside an underground station that hasn’t been struck yet – to denote it can happen everywhere and it’s the ordinary people who get screwed again).

Legal observers should also be called.

It would be very good to make banners/a large banner with the same message as the title of this post goes, at least for demos in the following days/weeks.

Different groups should also get in touch with Stop the War Coalition to help with bigger activities (contact info on There’s no time for sectarianism.

Has the “Anarchist Response to Attacks” been sent to the media already? Someone might even publish it. A media announcement of the demo should be added.

An urgent response is needed if we're going to have the demo today.

For Peace & Freedom, Against Capitalism & Terror!

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