The G8 summit.

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Jun 22 2005 11:59
The G8 summit.

Does anyone have any info on the events at the Scottish G8 summit?

Any anarchist action up there, as I really don't want to go along with the populist/reformist bandwagon of the SWP/GR/Bob 'fucking' Geldof.

Also, I have next to NO money, any tips on free accomodation and travel?

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Jun 22 2005 12:40
AnarchoCommunist wrote:
Does anyone have any info on the events at the Scottish G8 summit? has a listing put together by an Irish anarchist who will be there and who also wants to meet up with others.

AnarchoCommunist wrote:
Also, I have next to NO money, any tips on free accomodation and travel?

Getting there free may be difficult unless you are willing to hitch but otherwise locate the Dissent crowd who are aiming to provide free accommodation and I think food. On the travel thing I know some Dissent groups have funds to subsidise those with no/little money.

While I'm here I'm stuck at home for it but I want to do liveish audio interviews for Anyone going with a phone that would be willing to be interviewed (I'll call you so it shouldn't cost anything). I want people for the minor events and the travelling up (particularly on the train) as well as for the major protests. PM me if your interested.

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Jun 22 2005 12:54

try here dude

as for free accomodation try getting along to one of the camp sites or a convergence centre or something, i'm sure that if your really skint you could blag something

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Jun 22 2005 14:09

Hehe, I looked at the SWP/GR 'tickets' to the G8.



Is it any wonder this lot of well of lecturers and middle class types NEVER attract the pennyless unemployed/working class types like myself.

You would think that with all their money they could at least provide funds to help people to get to the G8. It is as if they want to put people off from coming.

Prehaps they should ask 'comrade' Galloway to put forward some of his £60,000 a year wage (from the taxpayers anyway) towards paying for peoples travel. This should not be a problem for the SWP's 'comrade' in that talking shop of a parliament as he didn't even follow the leninist 'tradition' of a MP on a workers wage!

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Jun 22 2005 14:10

BTW, thanks all for the info.

Ill see what I can do.

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Jun 22 2005 15:59



The long stay train however has now been 100% CONFIRMED, though we

still have many tickets left that we will be selling up to the day

of departure.

Return & Single Fares

London to Edinburgh (Return)

Long Stay Train // 1st July to 9th July

Leaves London at 3pm arrives Edinburgh at 9.30pm.

Train returns to London at 6.46pm on the 9th July.

Tickets are still £50 Rtn and £40 single

If you would like a ticket on the train, please download & complete

the new train booking form, and send it to us, along with a cheque

or postal order for £50, made payable to “G.E.N.I.” and send a SAE

to: BM South East Assembly, London, WC1N 3XX.

If you cannot afford £50 please let us know as we hope to offer

some tickets at a concessionary rate. Likewise, if you can afford

to donate some money to pay for another person to travel, we

welcome donations (however small).

Where to buy tickets:

Tickets are on sell at the following places:


IFA, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1E (please phone 07944135617

before you come) open 2pm-8pm mon-sat

LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1

open 2pm-8pm, wed-thurs

56@ Infoshop, 56 Crampton Street, London SE17 open 2pm-7pm, thurs-



Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

12pm-4pm, Tues-Sat (tickets also available in the evening when the

bar is open for members and their guests only)

For more info please call 07944 135 617

Upcoming events:

>>There will be an opportunity to buy train tickets here.

Saturday June 25th

Garden Party feat. live bands, sound systems, visuals, BBQ,

refreshments, G8 info stalls. Starts 6pm - 6am,

£5/£3 inc. food

Venue: Institute For Autonomy, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1

(nearest tube: Goodge Street Bus: 24, 134..etc)


For updates on the G8 protests see:

Thanks again!

SE ASSEMBLY - Transport Group (Tel: 07944 135 617)

Con Carroll
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Jun 23 2005 10:27

cheers arnacho communist this is why there has to be a strong left working class presence telling the middle class parasites of swp and make poverty history to fuck off direct action works hopefully there will be strong working class arnachist presence.

Not one of the left assholes elected in Dail Eireann Dublin has made any contribution so that people who are unemployed could attend. no doubt these elected assholes will be jumping on the make poverty history protest Thursday 30th June Dublin

Class war is every where

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Jun 23 2005 10:59

yeah con i too hope and think there will be a good class struggle anarchitst/libertarian presence up there, its gonna be good fun any way, looking forward to meeting the italian and greeks and all other black bloc style people, itll be interesting anyhow!

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Jun 23 2005 11:18

Where are you living anarcho?

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Jun 23 2005 23:14

I live in London.

I have just got a job today (working at a bar) and I don't think I can get time off work for this, but Ill fucking try!

Do any of you have any info on the whole event and what days they are going to be on, as I may be only able to make it to some of the days.

Once again, thanks for all the help and info smile

Con Carroll
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Jun 24 2005 11:19

arnacho communist contact Gower street

Fieldgate st London for info look at message by Raw