Thanet/Margate, Kent: A new mutual aid group to form

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May 27 2012 09:48
Thanet/Margate, Kent: A new mutual aid group to form

I have just moved to Margate, in Kent. I would like to help set up a mutual aid/co-operative society with a view to helping create a network of people who want to help each other and create dialogue about how to take more control over our lives. This must be one of the most deprived, run down parts of the country, with my ward suffering extreme levels of unemployment.

I'm not sure exactly how to go about this - all I know is there surely is a chance that we can bring people together with a common cause of solidarity, self education, non discrimination and mutual support as a minimum organisational standard.

Anyone in the area who would like to get in touch to see what we can do?

Best wishes and thanks,

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News about Kent in a week or so