Storage Unit living & rent prices

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Jan 18 2006 23:26
Storage Unit living & rent prices

Hello all,

Greetings from the U.S. Haven't seen too much direct housing-related topics here, but I figured I'd forage for a bit of help. Due to many mishaps (some entirely of my own fault; some involving the support of a mentally unstable, jobless partner), I am heavily in debt. Also, I find myself sick at the housing costs in this ridiculous market ... not sure if you lot suffer from the same problems, but landlords are greedy everywhere so it seems likely. I have a job and am receiving a small amount of financial aid from my family, enough to rent out a small storage space for my belongings when I am evicted at the end of the month.

There does not seem to be a large-scale organized squatters' movement here in the States, so my plan: I am considering living out of that storage space and my car. I own a car with tinted windows and comfy seating, so I'm sure I'll have no problem sleeping undetected. Still, if a cop shines their flashlight in my window, I can claim I'm sleeping one off ... it's been true in the past, in my more wild days. Coldness is not a concern, and gym membership (for showering's sake) will just be an added incentive to get myself in better shape.

My question concerns the possibilities of living out of the storage space. Does anyone have tips? For one, I'm going to try and find one with 24-hour access, claiming that I'm in a band and will need to store my equipment after shows. But will they come up after a certain point to check on me if I don't leave? Could I cover things up by rummaging through the various boxes as if I'm sorting things out if they do arrive to inspect? Is there a statute of limitation on the amount of time you can spend in your space?

I intend to do this willingly. In the last few years I have noticed a sort of hypermedia flux of mental fixation set in ... constantly bombarded by advertisement after advertisement, channel after channel, scads of websites ... and I can remember a time when I was younger and I could just sit there, think, and concentrate my thoughts. I have a ton of books on my shelf that I've not yet read, and some writing of my own I need to work on. It wasn't so long ago that it was the natural state for an aspiring author to retreat to a quiet place lit by lamplight to read and think for a few hours.

My only concerns are legal. Does anyone have experience with this? If someone at the facility approached my unit, could I leave (claiming that I had just finished packing), and return to my car? Please, any help would be appreciated, as after a few months or a year I could save enough to pay down my debts and return to a more conventional way of life. Plus, hey, it'd be a learning experience.

Thanks, and best to all.

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Jan 18 2006 23:50


Homelessness is not illegal in the U.K., is it illegal is the States? Here, whether or not you are allowed to sleep in your shed depends on the terms of the lease. Why not just ask? I'm sure if you were up late "practicing in your space” no-one would begrudge you kipping there for a few hours. Maybe a deep state of sleep-like meditation is built into your creative process.

What are you going to do for wees and poos? Not that I’ve got any suggestions, I just like hearing about scatological stuff. I treat it with dopamine-blocking agents and other medications.



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Jan 19 2006 00:08

Surely you could use the drinking excuse there, pretend to have fallen asleep after having unloaded your equipment, or claim you were worried about driving drunk. I suppose it would depend on the people working there and how cool they were. If you're nice to them they'll probably let it ride, its not as if they actually care.

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Jan 19 2006 08:11

Its not quite like sleeping in your shed though is it? I would imagine the company wouldn't take kindly to people living in their property. Like Jeff said I suppose it depends on whether you get a friendly relationship with the security (if there is any). Don't have a clue about the legislation in the states but I imagine it would be a difficult thing to do here.

good luck with it anyway.