Stop deporting children and students demos london

There are demonstrations planned in London and Manchester against section 9 of the asylum and immigration act this weekend. If any of you london lot are free, a show of solidarity would be welcomed by the children and young people involved. These are ordinary kids who have already coped with enough shit in their lives now facing being put into care under section 9 of the asylum and immigration act. In October 2005, three children were "constructively" orphaned when their mother was deported to Uganda.

London Events

1pm : Assemble in Horseguards Avenue (off Whitehall)

2.30 pm : Hyde Park for a Rally

Contact : Tel 0207 502 6749

Email :

Web :

"My name is Daniel. I'm 15. Me and my family face deportation to the Congo. There is a war there and my life would be finished. One of my

mum's friends was deported and killed in a prison in Congo. If we go back, we might also end up in prison, so please help us. I am scared that I would be forced to become a soldier. I don't want to be a child soldier. I want to be a football player. I play for a local team - when I'm older,

I want to play for England." Daniel Sukula.

Sat. 19th Nov. 2005 in Manchester and London

Manchester Events

12 noon - assemble : Manchester University Students Union, Oxford Road

1.30pm - Rally & Performances : Peace Gardens, St Peter's Square, Manchester

Followed by : Young People's Forum - Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester

The Government will stop at nothing to satisfy their arbitrary targets - seemingly, deportation at any cost, including children. They placed a

general reservation to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, meaning children's rights are less important than their immigration status.

In Britain, under new trial "Section 9" legislation children and young people from so-called "failed" asylum seeking families have been evicted, made destitute and face being taken from their loving and capable parents, and put into care.

What happened to the Government slogan "every child counts" ?

School is meant to be a safe place, yet some children have been snatched" from school and taken to Removal Centers, characterised by

hunger-strikes, self-harm, and suicide. The UK is the only European country to detain children indefinitely. From there, children are deported

dangerous countries like Angola, Somalia, or the Congo - countries devastated by years of civil war and where human rights are routinely

abused. Some of the children were born in the UK and have never been to those countries. Students have been refused enrolment, or thrown

out of college half way through their course, made destitute, or detained.

Young people should not have to live in this climate of fear. We call on everyone to get behind refugee communities to defend a life free from fear for all young people.

Things you can do (and the first person to shout reformist at me gets kicked - these are practical acts given that we aren't planning to blow up the houses of parliament just yet wink )

*turn up at the demos and show solidarity.

* Sign the declaration -

* Complain to the Minister for Children, Beverley

Hughes MP - Morris Hall, Atkinson Rd, Urmston,

Manchester, M41 9AD

* Pass a resolution in your union against section 9.

*blow up the houses of parliament (fuck, how did that sneak in tongue)

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Nov 14 2005 17:43


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Jason Cortez
Nov 15 2005 10:08


In October 2005, three children were "constructively" orphaned when their mother was deported to Uganda.

A case of Orwellian doublespeak, if ever there was one. I will try to drag the kid(s) up to this one.

Nov 15 2005 22:22


Nov 17 2005 10:52

My mum, dad and little brother are coming to the Manchester march.

It's a family outing which I'm sure will only be mildly embarrassing.

Nov 17 2005 12:53

nice one mate.

Come and say hello to people behind the red & black banner - you might find some libcommers grin

Nov 17 2005 13:06
Come and say hello to people behind the red & black banner - you might find some libcommers

But how am I going to look all hard and militant when my mum's trying to wipe the chocolate off my face with a hanky?

Nov 17 2005 19:18

errrrgh spit washes <shudder>

the button
Nov 18 2005 13:00

A hint for anyone who's been googling Horseguards Avenue to check out how far up Whitehall it is -- the name of the street is Horse Guards Avenue. wink