Solidarity with Uber drivers!

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Sep 2 2017 21:07
Solidarity with Uber drivers!

Solidarity with Uber drivers!

Drivers around the world have protested against UberExploitation. In Indonesia, drivers organized in KUMAN, along with comrades from PPAS, have organized protests and a strike against the bad working conditions and more protests and strike actions are being planned.

On August 19, hundreds of drivers went on strike. A few hundred rallied at the Uber office in Jakarta while drivers in some other cities also joined in by turning off their apps and not taking any jobs.

KUMAN sent a list of demands to Uber, concerning pay and conditions and met with the company, which did not allow it to bring legal representation. Among the demands are raised rates and not forcing the drivers to take free fares as part of Uber promos.

While Uber drivers are struggling to survive on the lousy rates, other drivers across the country have also been hard hit by Uber's practices, which drive down rates in the whole industry. Tens of thousands of drivers protested against Uber in 2016.

PPAS, an anarchosyndicalist organization in Indonesia says that international solidarity would be welcome and the ASF, the Australian section of the IWA will be holding actions around Australia on September 9.

If you would like to support the drivers, you can do so by:

- sharing information about Uber's practices and the KUMAN protest
- organizing a solidarity picket or other type of action against UBER
- sending a letter or email to UBER offices saying you support the workers and won't use Uber due to its exploitation
--posting on Uber social media

Suggested addresses:

Travis Kalanick
1455 Market St 4th Fl
San Francisco, CA 94103

Allen Penn
Head of Asia Operations


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Sep 5 2017 20:18

see the updated article on the IWA website (or please update the original post - new CEO):

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Sep 9 2017 21:15

Some feedback from an Australian ASF member in contact with Indonesian anarcho-syndicalists re: UBER ....
Me: So we did a very small thing, sent hem a solidarity letter. That was about all we could muster at the moment

ASF: That's great and appreciated. I'm on the KUMAN FB page - they are totally stoked with the support they're receiving.
The KUMAN members are totally stoked with the fact they're getting support from all over the world.
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ASF: It had been a monster morale boost for them. That was the primary aim of the solidarity actions. Secondary was letting Uber know we're on to them.

ADDITIONAL POSSIBLE ACTIONS in 4-6 week if Uber doesn't meet KUMAN drivers demands.

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Sep 10 2017 08:19
syndicalist wrote:
That was about all we could muster at the moment.

Solfed struggled a bit too mainly because Uber doesn't seem to have a lot of good picketable targets - their 'greenlight hubs' are quite anonymous and only open at very weird times, and their London HQ is in a huge tower block without even a sign outside. Still Solfed locals have been taking part in the Uber protests in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton - we'll put a report together later.

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Sep 10 2017 20:41

I see that there has been quite lot of activity so far. From what I understood, actions, sending of protest letters or other types of activitie were organized by IWA and pro-IWA comrades also in several cities in Australia (ASF), Germany (ASN), Spain (CNT-AIT), Russia (KRAS), Slovakia (PA), Czech Republic (Prague Solidarity Network) and I believe there were or will be activities in Poland (ZSP), Norway (NSF) and USA (WSA) as well. I guess that the IWA Secretariat will prepare a complete list in the upcoming days.

Nice to hear that it was a morale boost for KUMAN workers!