Solidarity call in

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Jul 4 2019 11:09
Solidarity call in

Dear fellow workers,

Hope you all good. A building worker contacted us after he had been paid only £420 for two weeks of work, converting a beauty salon in West Drayton. We send various letters to the owner of the shop and visited the shop last Saturday. The boss threatened our fellow building worker with sending the police to his home, but otherwise didn’t move. We have to step things up a bit and ask you all to phone the shop on Friday and Saturday (5th and 6th of July). It is likely that the people who pick up the phone are workers who hire chairs in the salon, so please be polite when delivering a message along these lines:

“I just want to inform you that Mr Yaseen still hasn’t been paid his outstanding wages and urge you to ask the owner of the shop to get in touch with the IWW trade union.”

9am to 7pm / UK time

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Jul 4 2019 13:37

This has been shared on both libcom Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. Good luck!

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Jul 4 2019 19:27

Is there any links to the various social media sites so that this can easily be shared?