SAC dispute with Skanska

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SAC dispute with Skanska

Apologises for the cut and paste,

Greetings comrades of the world!
The international committee of the SAC calls out for international solidarity, to protest against the Swedish company SKANSKA, “the Swedish tiger”. To break the instable working situation of the workers of the world and to fight against the hiring of companies that collaborates with SKANSKA and enslaves undocumented workers. “No to subcontractors, yes to permanent employment”, and “Without paper, without salary with Skanska” are two campaigns that come together and we call it “the Swedish tiger”, referring to an autonomous book with the same name that denounce the inhumane crimes that the owners of Swedish companies commit in the name of the capital.
We call out to show solidarity with these campaigns and send letters of protest to Peter Gimbe, responsible of communication at Skanska. and

We urge you to send a copy of your protest letter to our comrades at

we would like you to send your protest (with copy to ) it would be great if it were to be sent the 1st of may. Tank you 
Avatar is not a fantasy in the future; the predators are here, and now!
Here’s a part of an official declaration of the register:

SAC don’t accept when an established company contract unserious subcontractors that exploits undocumented workers and doesn’t pay the wages.
Therefore we hold SKANSKA responsible and we demand that they pay their wages!
During the summer and autumn of 2009 one of our undocumented members worked a total of 898 hours in the company of Bymbo. Bymbo is a subcontractor, owned by Roberto Pita, to Skanska. That’s 898 hours of work, of which all took place in the construction sites of Skanska, that hasn’t been paid. When our member demanded an answer Roberto Pita responded: “I won’t pay you anything. You can contact your union, and do what you want. I have good contacts and I will get you all deported.” This is the third time we received alarming reports about Roberto Pita and his collaborator Skanska. The last time it was Russian workers that instead of receive their wages were deported. We have warned Skanska several times of the lack of seriousness of their subcontractors, and there are serious doubts of the honesty of the responsible staff at SKANSKA when they say that they believe in the company of Bymbo and Roberto Pita. With an annual turnover of a 150 billion Swedish crowns (15 billion Euros) Skanska have the economic means to control and demand of its subcontractors the regulation of contracts in the frame of labor rights and the fulfillment of the collective agreement, even if it would “cost a bit more”.
The total lack of interest and responsibility even passes to the union “construction and maintenance” of the LO (the biggest central of workers in Sweden), that signs collective agreements without even react in front of the demands of the workers and without even make the slightest control of the company that is infamous for exploiting the work of the undocumented workers that instead of wages receive deportation.
SKANSKA wtih the collaboration of the union “construction and maintenance” know what have occurred with the undocumented workers, and prefer to take distance and silence to maintain the services of these subcontractors that sell the work cheaper than others, without worrying about that the price is paid by the undocumented workers, that work for free to Skanska. Behind Skanska is hidden the work of slaves and they take advantage of the precarious situation that the undocumented workers find themselves in.
But now we say: it’s enough! So far Skanska has taken advantage of the benefits of the shadows, to make profit from the black market, slave work, and collaboration of the passive unions. All of the workers, undocumented or not we say enough!
Development of the conflict:
We have had contact with one of the bosses at SKANSKA, who refuses to handle the case. Instead of that they say that they will continue working with Bymbo if they sign a new collective agreement. This doesn’t satisfy us, Bymbo already had a collective agreement when they incurred in this crime. We demand that Skanska pay for the work that they benefited, and our member executed. We demand that SKANSKA consult our union through the register if any of the subcontractors have cases depending with the union. The company of Bymbo is registered. Skanska could have, at any time, started a control of wages not declared for a big number of workers.

SKANSKA, have been involved in scandals of bribe, contracting paramilitaries in Latin America, occupation of indigenous terrains in Latin America (Brasil, Chile, Colombia and more), in the extermination of flora and fauna, and other scandals. See the net.
The register: is a package of union measures of the SAC, that started in the 20:s and today is primarily used by the undocumented workers. The package is composed by direct action, like hard blockades, public exposition of the employer, registration of companies and employers with cases dependent with the union, among others.
For more information, contact us.
To perform any action, see directions of the world here:

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