Report on KPK public meeting in Prague, Feb 07

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May 18 2007 22:15
Report on KPK public meeting in Prague, Feb 07


We have published an article about the public meeting organised by the KPK (Collectively Against Capital) in Prague in February 2007, which the ICC participated in:

The leaflet the KPK handed out at the Skoda factory is on Libcom here:

Against all those who have qualms about rejecting the unions, I found this aspect particularly heartening:

The car industry is the focus of KPK's intervention as according to their analysis it is the key sector to the process of accumulation in the region. At the beginning of February 2007 the group intervened with a leaflet at the gates of a Skoda plant in Mlada Boleslav near Prague (24,000 people out a town of 48,000 work at the factory). They had produced a leaflet on the pay negotiations at Skoda, distributing about 2500 copies to two of the three shifts (there was no copy left for the third shift). The leaflet says that the workers are in a position of strength because the company is making large profits and there is a shortage of labour, the unions however are in the process of fixing up an unfavourable deal and so the workers should struggle outside the unions, with the concern that a big battle at Skoda could inspire other sectors to enter into struggle. (my emphasis)

Their leaflet pointed out that,

Things around us can be changed – and especially by workers, whose work creates profits. But only in the case when they themselves decide about the aims/demands and lead struggles themselves. To trust unions and their “collective bargaining” is a lost game. After all, unions started bargaining by bargaining against workers. When union boss Povšík started meeting with shop organisations he stated in “Škodovácký odborář”1: “Actually it will be the first level of collective bargaining – the team of negotiators versus the rank and file. We are going not to accept any unreal number proposed by the rank and file which would demolish other values.” Unions at work: Firstly it is necessary to pacify the rank and file, to accept a “realistic” number after (as the world goes) to reduce it during bargaining and end up with an even “more realistic” number acceptable to management... (their emphasis)