Random drug tests proposed for (noncorporate) welfare recipients

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Apr 1 2009 02:20
Random drug tests proposed for (noncorporate) welfare recipients

Both the Republican and "Democrat" politicians in my area have joined forces and authored legislation that would require individuals on welfare to be randomly drug tested. The bill appears to be sailing through both chambers of the state legislature. The complaint is that taxpayers do not want their money going towards illegal drugs. A small minority of legislators are voting against it because of the costs involved in having a statewide drug screening program, and some people think it's mean.

Much could be said about this, but one thing is striking is that this level of public accountability would never become law for politicians (who also live partially on taxpayers money) and corporate welfare kings. Do you think it makes sense to demand this impossibile amendment to shine the light on the unfairness and limits of class society?

Has this been proposed in your states as well and if so did you speak out against it?If so, how?

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Apr 1 2009 23:03

It just becomes more and more draconian what they can come up with to attack the worst-off in society. I think we should expect a lot of this kind of stuff as governments seek to trim a welfare expenditure that in the current situation is only rising. I don't think they give a shit if people on welfare take drugs, its more just a general attack on people on welfare. Its more class war against the poor whilst simultaneously the rich have their corporate welfare payments dramatically increased and thus less and less of the social product becomes available for the wider population as a result. I live in the UK but this sounds like the kind of thing New Labour would embrace.

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Apr 3 2009 18:59
I don't think they give a shit if people on welfare take drugs

Yeah got to agree with this, espeically since it seems likely that if this was implemented on any serious scale, hard drug users and addicts would simply go further off the grid and soft drug users would be more likely to use cheap high strength alcohol instead.

How far is this likey to progress though, mean all the stuff online i've read says its only in kansas, is this true or is it a lot more widespread than that?