Possible Regional Organizing Committee of the IWW in Portugal

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Aug 25 2008 18:40
Possible Regional Organizing Committee of the IWW in Portugal

Anyone know more about who these people are, where they work, how many, what their politics are?

"ISC delegate Carlos Guarita, a member of the Dorset General Membership Branch (UK) travelled to Portugal in June and returned in July to meet with independent workers' organizations in Portugal, including a group of workers who have expressed interest in forming a Portuguese IWW regional organizing committee (ROC). Prospects for a new Portugal ROC are now high. Look for updates in future issues of the Industrial Worker and the ISC Bulletin."

from: http://www.iww.org/en/node/4318

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Sep 8 2008 14:07

i don't know a lot about this, but i've met one of these Portuguese guys, and he seems pretty cool. he isn't an anarchist, but more of a generic revolutionary socialist with an anti-authoritarian outlook. he is part of this group interested in forming a Portuguese IWW. he calls them a 'collective', but i have a feeling he actually means 'network' because they're not a formal group, from what he was implying. a good number are in the education sector.

at the moment, the core group is fairly small, which is pretty much what you'd expect when things are just beginning. i don't know how it'll pan out, but at the moment it looks fairly positive.