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Jul 7 2007 16:24
Devrim wrote:
From another thread:
Mike Harman wrote:
Devrim wrote:
Catch wrote:
Let's not forget that the same person used his real name to post on here, I assume in work time, then was caught by employers he was representing 'his' union members against who used it against them in negotiations, then wasted about 45 minutes of my (very limited, not at work) time erasing his name from the site to minimise the damage. This while he had already been temp banned and warned about derailing threads with pages of one-liners.

This was someone close to NEFAC, wasn't it? It is a little ironic in light of the discusion about security.


Yes it was, and yes it is.


To which I responded, no it wasn't, and no it isn't. That person is not "close to NEFAC."

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Jul 7 2007 16:49
Flint wrote:
Randy wrote:
I hope David doesn't object to my posting this picture of us. (He's the thin one, I'm the handsome guy)

You know unix, Randy?

Is this a pic quint used for Work, Community, Politics, War?

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Jul 8 2007 20:36

Have not gone back over all this thread so sorry if this has already been picked up but I notice that Red Watch have a load of shots of anarchists from this year's May Day march in London. I don't really give a fuck about Red Watch but if some one on a demo sticks a camera in my face I wanna know who they are and why they want to take my pic I certainly don't pose for them as a number of people did on May Day by the look of it.

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jef costello
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Jul 8 2007 23:13

RPG most of the pictures Redwatch use are taken from indymedia and other lefty sites. For example their 'internet reds' section has a bunch of libcom members myspace pictures or photos they posted on the 'what do you look like thread?'