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Mar 20 2005 19:16
Non-Electoral Manifesto

Not sure which forum this should go in, but in response to the manifestos put out by the big three parties CAG are putting out a non-electoral manifesto and a general campaign against electoral participation on those grounds

We aim to base it around key areas as it should be in the form of a response to the electoral party manifestos, So it will be based on issues like housing, council tax, healthcare, public transport, the war & defense spending, education, workplace issues, anti-social behaviour, pensions etc etc

This has to be a fairly detailed in depth document, with a long analysis of whats wrong with each of the ideas proposed by capitalist parties and our response. For example in terms of housing we would give a long in depth critique of the governments approach and the restrictions it placed on councils building publkic housing also combining it with an attack on the govts falure to deal with homlessness, and families being forced into temporary accomadation, on an institutional level, then propose realistic solutions to these problems, such as how council housing can be defended and tenants organisations improved etc.

We aim to have it finished before the end of this month so that it can be publicised and distributed in april. We can get most of it done but would be grateful for any help people could offer, for example on issues like dissecting the myriad of lies and half-truths in stock transfer and pther forms of privatisation by the back door, plus any information on funding of electoral parties, motives and backhanders would also be useful.

This has to be something we can hand out in the street if need be so it needs to be pretty watertight.

Finally, if anybody else is planning on running similar campaigns and actions it'd be good if we could pool resources.

ps Some parliamentary material available...

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Mar 20 2005 23:43

Sounds like a load of work. But admirable CAG.

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Mar 21 2005 09:17

This sounds neat, as you may or may not know this is how we at enrager were going to redo our Thought section. Would be good to collaborate - not much anarchist material deals with anything real and concrete (including most content on this site)

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Mar 21 2005 12:10

HSG did a vote nobody leaflet a few year back which was utter patronising shite imo

so be careful...

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Mar 21 2005 12:46

Sounds like an excellent idea. I'm pretty good at proof reading and fact checking and can do research, so would be willing to help in those areas. PM me with drafts if you want.

Mike Harman
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Mar 21 2005 16:25

Any anti-election leaflet really should have some "here's what can you do that's more effective than voting every six years" otherwise it just looks depressing.

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Rob Ray
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Mar 22 2005 19:05

Will this be attcking claims Labour have made about their achievements as well? They have a list of 50 which they're using both as an election vehicle and general confirmation that neoliberalism works.

link fixed by admin - New Labour aren't a far right party... yet anyway ;)

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Mar 23 2005 11:12

Sounds by far and away the best Ive heard on the subject, given good time there is no reason why we shouldnt be doing this sort of thing on a consistent basis.

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Mar 23 2005 12:43

Was planning something similar with a new version of my own humble document:

But then I'm just a liberal pansy hippy anarchist and no match for the awesome power of CAG, so back to the drawing board I guess... cry

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Mar 23 2005 17:42

Really shit depressing poetry is my forté. You need any of that? grin

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Mar 24 2005 00:17
Jack wrote:
naking other bits

I like to think that "to nake" means "to make naked".

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Mar 24 2005 11:01

Anyone writing anything on PFI? If not I'd like to, but won't be able to get owt to you until first week in April if thats ok? (am off home for a week and bit and no net access there)


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Apr 9 2005 23:15

We need to start hurrying with this now the election date's been announced.