more trouble brewing for rampART social centre

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Jan 6 2005 02:13
more trouble brewing for rampART social centre

After the assult that took place shortly before new years eve which result in one person being taken to hospital with a head injury, more trouble appears to be brewing at the rampART...

Next monday (11th Jan), a week long film festival of documentaries from India will be showing at the rampART. However the venue and the organisers are now recieving threats from militant Hindus trying to stop the festival going ahead.

Out of twenty or so films due to be shown, there are several which focus on religious intolerance and fundamentalist violence which resulted in a massacre in Gularat.

A train carrying Hindu pilgrims was burnt down in the town of Godhra and the Indian Government, without conducting an investigation, was quick to point the blame on Muslims. A few days later more than 2,000 Muslims were brutally murdered by Hindu fundamentalists. On the back of the bloodshed the rightwing BJP party was swept into power.

During film festivals in India attempts have been made to censor films covering these events. Now the same is happening in London.

Phone calls, emails and messages left in the rampART website 'shoutbox' have been made threatening the venue and the organisers with violence if the festival goes ahead.

Militant Hindus in the UK are being mobilised by BJP related email lists to take action to prevent the screening of the film festival going ahead.

Next week looks like it will be a very trying time for the rampART which has already been set back by the violence of the previous week.

Extracts from the rampART shoutbox...

So you're having a Anti-Hindu Bashing Film Festival on the 10th.

We'll we Hindus will be turning up to stop the party !! Aum Kranti Aum

If u show anything anti-hindu, then u will suffer the consequences

if there is any Hindu bashing then the organisers will get fucked.

They will get f****

You fu**kiing mother*fuckers, your dad will fuc*KK you hard out if you don't stop this shi(8t( festival of yours

Any similarities between the BNP and these people are entirely coincidental. The following quotes were taken from a pro-VHP website...

"We are patriots and we love our Motherland and we want to see it liberated."

"Hindus who love India and wish to protect Hinduism and are willing to die for it are behind this organization."

"India is the land of the Hindu people just as Isreal is the land of the Jews... All muslims should go back to Pakistan and Bangladesh where I am sure they will be welcomed."

"Muslims who wish to stay back in India should behave themselves and not ask for special privilegedes. They should also realize that Bharat is a Hindu nation where Hindu rules and regulations apply."

"We believe that no political seats should be held by muslims in India."

"Ahimsa only works when dealing with civilized cultures. Unfortunately we don't live in civilized times, thus true Ahimsa will only back-fire as we have seen."

"Don't mess with Hinduism, its followers and our mother land of India or we'll mess with you."

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Jan 6 2005 09:19

As well as offending Hindus, why not send an e mail to a Sikh group that the play they hate is being performed at Rampart, followed by an e mail to an Islamic group that The Satanic Verses will read out, the same evening, at the centre.

Each religious group turns up, they each beat the shit out of each other, hopefully a fair few of them are dead bedfore the evenings out - and the world's a better place!

Who said Anarchists are good for nothing!

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Jan 6 2005 14:44

have you thought of asking antifa to do security?

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Jan 6 2005 14:47

Thats hardcore. black bloc

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Jan 6 2005 15:09

Given that Rampart happens to be located in the middle of probably the biggest concentration of Bengali muslims in the country, you should be able to get a pretty good local turnout to defend against hindu extremists, surely.

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Jan 6 2005 16:45

I'd advise putting out as much info as possible aimed at 'hindus', plus calling apublic meeting to allow these concerns to be discussed -- and then asking antifa and others to provide security.

I'd definitley come down.