Marxist and anarchist organisations in London

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Henry Laws
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Jun 26 2018 02:16
Marxist and anarchist organisations in London

What Marxist and anarchist organisations are in London? Asking for a friend:

"tldr does anyone know of solid left orgs in london that my friend could check out?

i've got a pal in london who's feeling pretty shitty about capitalism etc etc, afaik they haven't organised before but they are interested in getting involved with a group over there. if anyone knows of a cool group with a broadly anti-capitalist kaupapa [Māori word for principles - me] that would welcome a bby radical please lmk!"

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Jun 26 2018 03:05

Depending on their location and particular interests, I would recommend them checking out one of these: Anarchist Federation, Solidarity Federation, Angry Workers of the World, Industrial Workers of the World or Anarchist Communist Group, which are all active in London.

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R Totale
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Jun 26 2018 08:41

I'd also say it might be worth having a look at Plan C - might be their thing, might not. Oh, and the Rebel City paper is probably a good way to get a sense of what's going on - I think this is the current one?

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Jun 26 2018 14:41

First Saturday afternoon of every month, you can have a tour of the head office of the Socialist Party of Great Britain in Clapham High Street.

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jef costello
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Jun 26 2018 16:32

The radical history walks could be a good place to start, get to meet some people without going along to a meeting, they were put on by the Radical History Network and I heard that they were great.

Their events are listed here

There is also a guy (David Rosenberg) who has written a book and organises similar walks, no idea who he is, maybe someone else knows him.