Journals, or one-off publications?

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Nov 14 2005 18:31
Journals, or one-off publications?

i was actually thinking the other day (for once)...

sorry if this becomes a split to 'thought' and then ruins the flow of the Freedom thread...

so i was reading the introduction to the Angry Brigade documents and chronology by Jean Weir the other day and she claimed that by having ongoing publications that reproduce pretty much the same format and sections etc they are in fact stifling the creativity of the movement. she was arguing that occasional zines and one-off pamphlets are better because they encourage people to do new things with the written word.

personally, i think people like continuity and it is something to keep hold of in these pretty transient and fragmented times. But also (in the case of graffiti i suppose) it is important to try and shake things up every now and again. (not wantiing to get all maoist on yez all 8) ). So it all depends on whether we are thinking about creativity and originality of thought, or of art.

any thoughts?

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Nov 14 2005 18:33

I dunno... there's a time and a place for both. I dunno I think I've started to come round more to the idea of one-off pamphlets etc. if your time/financial resources are strained, though of course if you have the resources for regular things, then you definitely should.