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Dec 24 2006 16:22

Or, send the Hungarian instead.

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Dec 25 2006 00:13

Hell yeah PGH. Let's talk about dates, I can be free that Sunday (I haven't bought my plane ticket yet). Then you can give me some advice on wobbly piecarding. wink

And I would love to come to Edmonton if I could afford another flight.

And another thing ...! Happy holidays all.

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Dec 25 2006 00:20

To be honest the more efficient thing would be for the IWW to hold another training for trainers, we found out about the November one too late, so Edmonton can send a couple members down for training as IWW trainers, instead of always paying to bring people up or having people come up on their own coin.

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Dec 25 2006 02:02
Nate wrote:
Hell yeah PGH. Let's talk about dates, I can be free that Sunday (I haven't bought my plane ticket yet). Then you can give me some advice on wobbly piecarding. wink

Hit me up on the phone and we can talk details.

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Dec 26 2006 17:44

I'll come to Edmonton, I'm maybe not the closest trainer but shit wink

There should be another train the trainers. One on canadian soil would be perfect. I really want to see strong branches in like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, etc.

Only the OTC can do that right? Maybe we should lobby experienced trainers to do so too.

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Dec 27 2006 03:13

(fyi: Ottawa-Outaouais is collaborating with wobs around Toronto for an Ontario/Quebec regional organising forum around the start of February.)

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Dec 27 2006 03:15
Kdog wrote:

Here's an article on the 2005 AMFA strike, including IWW participation:

Cheers for that! Now in library here. Any more like that we'd love to have. We'd like libcom to have the world's biggest online archive of histories of strikes and workplace direct action (if it doesn't already of course).

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Dec 28 2006 07:30

Some of us in the Midwest have been pushing to hold a training for trainers in the midwest for a while. (I think at the one in Oakland I was the only person from the midwest.) Our goal is two trainers per midwest GMB, and each branch doing one training per year (staggered, not all at once), cuz ideally there'll be enough activity to support that schedule and it means any new member in the region can attend a training if they can fly or catch a bus to the training. In the long term I think that's a good goal for the union as a whole, plus having an OT as soon as possible after a new branch is chartered.

Anyhow, T4T in the MW is in the works. Interested folk send me a private message or an email, maybe we can fundraise to help pay for flights if folk need that and it'd be coo if we could work on getting more people invited to it. Date's not nailed down but if there's interest from other folk that'll help us get the ball rolling again post- holidays. Tentatively I think we were talking late Feb or sometime in March.

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Jan 16 2007 11:19

Hi admins, is there any chance that this thread could be put into the new wobbly forums please? it's only really of any interest to us!

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Jan 16 2007 13:52

Hello. any chance I can get a copy (for my own review) of some of the training materials? I have a longstanding interest in this sort of stuff.

Please PM me.


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Wobbly Preacher
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Jan 16 2007 15:39

Contact the Organizing Committee and ask. If you want contact information pm me.