IWW Centenary celebrations, Miners Strike Anniversary

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Feb 4 2005 12:55
IWW Centenary celebrations, Miners Strike Anniversary

The UK IWW is organising an event in Newcastle to mark the centenary of

the OBU. We are working with the North-East NUM on this, as they are

remembering the events of 20 years ago.

Members who attended the AGM in November will know that we agreed on a

levy of £5 from each member to finance this event. This was mentioned in

the report of the meeting in the IB, but it seems that a reminder is


We have to raise £500 plus, somewhere in the region of £750 if possible.

Anyone wishing to give more than a fiver will not be called a flash git.

Cheques should be made out to IWW and sent to-


PO Box 74



Members will receive an assessment stamp for their levy, and more

voluntary stamps according to their donation.

Any non-members who wish to make a contribution towards this worthy event should not feel left out. we won't refuse any offer of support. They too will receive fund-raising stamps as a form of receipt.

The main feature of the event is a performance by the Banner Theatre Group (see www.bannertheatre.co.uk). This is at the Tyneside Irish Club,

Gallowgate. There will also be speakers from the NUM and the IWW to give

the anniversaries a historical context. Earlier in the day (from Noon) there will be a films will be shown at the Side Cinema which cover IWW history and the Miner's strike. This too will be accompanied by discussions of our history and our future. All this takes place on the 6th March.

Cautionary Note. The above was written by an individual IWW member and may be subject to additions, corrections. It was done in good faith and, I think, date, times and locations are correct.

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Feb 9 2005 11:41

A small correction to this posting -

The film show kicks off at 1.00 pm, not at noon.

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Feb 9 2005 20:17

*Cough* might be an idea to plug this.


Party - When Thatcher Dies - Trafalgar Square!