Independent Advert "Strategic Voting"

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Mar 19 2005 20:03
Independent Advert "Strategic Voting"

Did any of you see the Independent Advert (I assume it's being organised by the Swppies) with a caption saying Another world is possible. Basically it's asking people to vote strategically i.e not Blair or Howard. & The former link is half dead and the latter is working. Looking at the latter.. sadly looking where I live. I got more chance of voting a chimp wearing a red/blue rosette than any other parties. Wouldn't it be easier if the website just to say firebomb post boxes and have it done with?

I am in a funny mood today. blackbloc

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Mar 19 2005 22:11

Aye, because firebombing postboxes would be about as much use as voting? grin

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Apr 9 2005 23:27

What do you mean?