ID Cards Update

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Dec 23 2004 16:28
ID Cards Update

Just to put you all in a better frame of mind

++ Identity Cards Bill Gets Second Reading

On Monday the Identity Cards Bill had its Second Reading. Parliament approved the bill in principle and it can now move forward to the next stages. No details of the bill were debated at this stage.

The Government is still trying to rush the bill through parliament before the next general election. An amendment was passed to speed the passage of the bill, so the next stage, the Committee Stage, has to finish by Thursday 27th January 2005, and the Third Reading of the bill will only be allowed one day. However, the bill could meet stiffer opposition in the House of Lords and it is not a foregone conclusion

that it will be passed into law by February.

Fuller details are on the NO2ID website.

Next "Big" meeting is on Tuesday 25th January 7:30pm at Fisher Hall, Guildhall Place, Cambridge.